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Quotes for
Mr. Peabody (Character)
from Problem Child (1990)

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Problem Child (1990)
Mr. Peabody: Could you act like nuns?

Mr. Peabody: Maybe all Junior needs is to be loved.
Mother Superior: Let's cut the crap, Mr. Peabody. Either Junior goes or you find yourself some new nuns.

Junior: Hahahahahaha!
Mr. Peabody: What's so funny?
Junior: You are you stupid dick!

[Ben and Flo come storming into Mr. Peabody's office while he's talking on the phone]
Mr. Peabody: Can I call you back in five minutes?
[hangs up phone]
Little Ben Healy: He's all yours.
Mr. Peabody: Ben, Flo can we dicuss this?
Flo Healy: There's nothing to discuss!
Little Ben Healy: We're signing him back over to you right now!
Mr. Peabody: Bad parents make bad children!
Flo Healy: Oh so now I'm a bad parent just because I hate my kid!
Mr. Peabody: You took him, he's yours!
Little Ben Healy: That's because you conned us into him!
Mr. Peabody: What am I supposed to do with the little creep? He's already been returned 30 times!
Flo Healy: Well this makes 31 Charlie!
Mr. Peabody: OK Mr. and Mrs. "We don't care about brown hair and brown eyes. We just want him into our home and let him play with our disgusting cat."!

Mr. Peabody: A priest, it's like a nun with a jacket.

Mr. Peabody: What's so funny?
Junior: You are you stupid jerk.

Problem Child 2 (1991)
Mr. Peabody: I'll have to call you back. I gotta deal with one of the little weenies right now.
[Hangs up phone and then talks through intercom]
Mr. Peabody: Send the little sweetheart in.

Junior: But my dad said the 3rd grade is the foundation of my education.
Mr. Peabody: Oh, your dad said that. Your dad is a Moron. He's a moron, you know what a moron is?, that's what your dad is.

Mr. Peabody: Screw you pal! I can talk that way to anyone however I want!

Problem Child 3: Junior in Love (1995) (TV)
Dr. Peabody: [on laughing gas] Nurse Kiki, remove my trousers!