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Ben Healy (Character)
from Problem Child 2 (1991)

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Problem Child 2 (1991)
Ben Healy: Junior, you remember Ms. Klaukinski.
Junior: How could I forget? Her pie gave us the runs.

Ben Healey: Junior, 3rd grade is the foundation of a great education. If you don't go, you'll only hurt yourself.
Junior Healy: I'm sure I'll take a few others down with me.

[after Junior shows the town a video of his babysitter and her boyfriend having sex]
Ben Healey: Junior, we're new here! Can't we at least attempt to fit in?
Junior Healey: What are you getting onto me for? I didn't do anything. I just watched it.
Ben Healey: Yes, and so did the entire neighborhood.
Junior Healey: I didn't hear any complaints.

Ben Healy: Junior, now you get out of this car! You are going to school.
Junior: No way I'd rather eat a turd!

Ben Healy: Junior, we are new here in this community. Can't we, at least, attempt to fit in?
Junior: What're you getting angry at me for? I didn't do it. I just watched it.
Ben Healy: Yes, and so did the entire neighborhood.
Junior: I didn't hear any complaints.

Ben Healy: Junior's getting worse, we can't even figure out what he did to that dog!

Problem Child 3: Junior in Love (1995) (TV)
Ben Healy: [Junior is bashing out the other Hockey players at the game for revenge] Junior, don't test me!

Junior Healy: I'm getting out.
Ben Healy: You can't just get out of a moving vehicle!
Junior Healy: Well anything's better than listening to this lecture!

Junior Healy: [about Junior wiping out the other Hockey Players and being kicked out of the League] Dad, Hockey is a dangerous Sport.
Ben Healy: No, it's not about Hockey, it's about the way You treat other People.
Junior Healy: I did nothing to Blade and those other Guys, that they would have done to Me... except they couldn't have done it with as much Style!