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Boyd Langton (Character)
from "Dollhouse" (2009)

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"Dollhouse: The Target (#1.2)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: In the light of recent events, we've decided to engage individuals with a more, shall we say, intensive background. If you're amenable to the terms of your contract, you will be assigned to Echo, one of our most requested actives.
Boyd Langdon: What happened to her last handler?
Dr. Claire Saunders: [Dr. Saunders enters] You're standing in him.
[Boyd notices the dried pool of blood he's standing on]

Boyd Langdon: The cuts are meticulous, almost surgical. Wouldn't have thought it was possible to carve up a man like this so fast.
Laurence Dominic: It isn't, unless you've been imprinted with the necessary skills.
Boyd Langdon: You're telling me you programmed one of your dolls to be Jack the Ripper?
Laurence Dominic: Not my department.

Topher Brink: So what do you think of your new girl?
Boyd Langdon: She's not a girl. She's not even a person. Just an empty hat, until you stuff a rabbit in it.

Topher Brink: [Boyd and Echo are about to bond] Hey, this isn't about friendship, man. It's about trust. From this point on, Echo will always trust you without question or hesitation. No matter what the circumstances. You're about to become the most important person in her life.
Boyd Langdon: Let's just get this over with.

Boyd Langdon: How many?
Ranger: What?
Boyd Langdon: [Boyd shoots one of the Ranger's kneecaps] How many men between me and the girl?
Ranger: I don't know! I don't know, I swear to God!
Boyd Langdon: [Boyd shoots his other kneecap] I don't think he's listening.

Dr. Claire Saunders: Alpha is dead. After he - after what he did, they tracked him down and put a bullet in his brain.
Boyd Langdon: And they'd never lie to us about something like that, would they? Alpha could've killed Echo when he escaped, but he didn't. A wake of bodies, but he left her alive. Now someone hires some nutjob to hunt her down in the woods. Maybe it was Alpha, maybe not. Only thing I really know is it all leads back to Echo.

Boyd Langdon: [hands Echo a gun] You know how to use this?
Jenny: Four brothers.
[cocks gun]
Jenny: None of them Democrats.

Boyd Langdon: Everything's going to be all right.
Echo: Now that you're here.
Boyd Langdon: Do you trust me?
Echo: With my life!

Topher Brink: We're still working out the kinkies.
Boyd Langton: Like the blood, the screaming, the dying?

Jenny: [Jumps out from behind a tree armed with a branch] Yaaaaaaaahhhh!
Boyd Langdon: Wait, I'm not gonna hurt you.
Jenny: Do I know you?
Boyd Langdon: Everything's gonna be all right.
Jenny: Now that... you're here.
Boyd Langdon: Stay close, I'm gonna get you out...
[gets shot by an arrow]

Jenny: How do I know you?
Boyd Langdon: We met a while back.
Jenny: I feel like I can trust you. I - But I don't remember.
Boyd Langdon: You okay?
Jenny: There was something in the water. Richard put something in my water.
Boyd Langdon: He poisoned you?
Jenny: He said it wouldn't kill me, but I've been seeing things...
Boyd Langdon: What kind of things?
Jenny: A girl that looks like me, but isn't. Dead bodies in a shower. And... and a man standing over me holding a knife, but I can't see his face, I don't think he has one. Are you here? Is this... is this real?
Boyd Langdon: I'm here. And, yeah, this is real.

Jenny: He's gonna kill us. He's gonna find us and he's...
Boyd Langton: Hey. Hey! Everything's gonna be all right.
Jenny: No it isn't.
Boyd Langton: Did you hear what I said? Everything's going to be all...
Jenny: Everything's *not* gonna be all right! You don't get to live just because you deserve to. You have to prove it. You have to put your shoulder to the wheel.
Boyd Langton: You wanna speak English, I'm kinda bleeding to death here.
Jenny: He's not gonna stop. Unless he's dead.
Boyd Langton: You can't go after this guy. You don't have the right imprint. You don't have the right training.
Jenny: I'm a fast learner.
Boyd Langton: Jenny...
Jenny: Do you trust me?
Boyd Langton: What?
Jenny: Do you *trust* me?
Boyd Langton: With my life.

Echo: Did I fall asleep?
Boyd Langdon: For a little while.

Boyd Langdon: Why not default them with, uh, ninja skills, or whatever?
Topher Brink: We tried that once.
Boyd Langdon: And?
Topher Brink: Blood, screaming, dying.

Boyd Langton: [hands Echo a gun] You know how to use this?
Echo: Four brothers.
[chambers a round]
Echo: None of them Democrats.

"Dollhouse: Ghost (#1.1)" (2009)
Topher Brink: [Pointing at a monitor of Echo's brain] See the blue areas? That's fear.
Boyd Langdon: It all looks blue.
Topher Brink: That's where I'm going with this.

Topher Brink: Look at Echo, not a care in the world. She's living the dream.
Boyd Langdon: Whose dream?
Topher Brink: Who's next?

Boyd Langdon: So what's in the past that you gave Echo?
Topher Brink: That's her business, Boyd. She's right for the job. She spent her life profiling and negotiating with kidnappers. That's the person they needed, so that's who Echo is, the expert!

Boyd Langdon: The older man. You know him. He's the one who took you. They never found him.
Eleanor Penn: He said he was a ghost. You can't fight a ghost, but he was heavy, the weight of him... Ghosts aren't heavy. Ghosts are sheets with holes cut out.
Boyd Langdon: He took you away. And now...
Eleanor Penn: He's unprofessional.
Boyd Langdon: He's taken Davina.

Boyd Langdon: You cannot wipe her right now!
Adelle DeWitt: I can do any damn thing I see fit! Echo botched the engagement! She jeopardized this entire operation!
Boyd Langdon: *You* botched it Miss DeWitt! You gave her the memory of an abused girl. And you put her face-to-face with her abuser! She recognized one of her kidnappers and she can find them again. She's the only one who can!

Adelle DeWitt: We do not have a client.
Boyd Langdon: We have a mission!

Boyd Langdon: I've been here long enough to know that you like to tell yourself what we do helps people. Let Echo help this girl.

Boyd Langdon: Everything go all right with the wipe?
Topher Brink: Why don't you just ask Echo? Oh, that's right, because she can't remember.
Topher Brink: Of course it went all right. Imprint's gone, the New Moon has made her virgin again. Is there some reason it shouldn't have? Something happen during the engagement?
Boyd Langdon: I think she finally met the right guy.

"Dollhouse: The Hollow Men (#2.12)" (2010)
Boyd Langton: We like to keep the medical records of everyone who crosses our path, especially the interesting ones. Caroline you are *definitely* interesting, at least on a microscopic level.

Boyd Langton: The wedge must have been damaged.
Topher Brink: No! Bennett fixed the wedge. She *died* fixing it!
Adelle DeWitt: Then maybe Echo and Caroline aren't getting along.

Topher Brink: I thought it would take Rossum years to realize my schematics.
Boyd Langton: And now they have?
Topher Brink: We're even more screwed than we thought.
[Picks up a weapon]
Topher Brink: With this you can wipe and imprint anyone. No need for an active's cranial architecture in your coconut. One zap with the laser and bzzz, you're a doll.

Boyd Langton: Topher think!
Topher Brink: That's what got us here in the first place. I'm going for mindless destruction now!

Boyd Langton: You've proven yourselves in so many ways. I-I-I wanted you all with me - except for Paul. There's always one relative you could live without. And, frankly, I never understood what you saw in him.
Adelle DeWitt: So you want us to keep you company? Fiddling while Rome burns. Thank you very much, I'd rather be dead.

Boyd Langton: The question is: who are you? Caroline or Echo?
Echo: I'm everything *you* made me.
Boyd Langton: Good. And that means you still trust me with your life.

"Dollhouse: A Love Supreme (#2.8)" (2009)
Topher Brink: Is she still Terry Karrens?
Boyd Langton: Topher, yes.
Topher Brink: So she's a serial killer?
Boyd Langton: Only a little.
Topher Brink: Right. Only a little bit serial killer. And we let her outside.

Adelle DeWitt: Alpha? What proof do we have?
Boyd Langton: Aside from the note, nothing.
Paul Ballard: But it makes sense. He's the only only out there with knowledge of this place and an obsession with Echo.
Adelle DeWitt: I thought that was you, Mr. Ballard.
Paul Ballard: You're hilarious.

Paul Ballard: That guy was a billionaire. Where'd all his money go?
Boyd Langton: Into that fine ergonomic chair you're sitting in, among other things. Blew everything on the Dollhouse.
Paul Ballard: My ass does feel very pampered.

Boyd Langton: Alpha do not do this. There's a part of you that knows this is wrong.
Alpha: There are many parts of me that know this is wrong. None of them care. And six... they just find it funny.

Topher Brink: These are the craziest scans I've ever seen. I can't even look at them without going nuts! I know a conspiracy when I desperately try to avoid seeing one.
Boyd Langton: Did you tell DeWitt?
Topher Brink: No. So why don't you two crack open your little chamber pot of secrets, and tell me what's going on?

Boyd Langton: She's in control, Topher.
Topher Brink: She's in control? Not you? Not Paul? And who is "she" again? Does she still trust you with her life? And is that because she's programmed to, or just because you're a swell guy with a trustworthy brow?
Echo: [entering the room] I like to think both.

"Dollhouse: A Spy in the House of Love (#1.9)" (2009)
Echo: [as a dominatrix] Everyone thinks it's about the pain. It's not about the pain, it's about trust. Handing yourself over, fully and completely, to another human being, there's nothing more beautiful than letting go like that.
Boyd Langton: In my experience, that kind of trust always leads to pain.
Echo: Then maybe you need a session in my dungeon, so I can show you otherwise.
Boyd Langton: Thanks, I think I'll pass.

Boyd Langton: We have a spy?
Topher Brink: Inside the Dollhouse.
Boyd Langton: [Looks around] And you think it's me? You think *I'm* the spy.
Topher Brink: Not in a bad way.
Boyd Langton: If they find out that you talked to me before you talked to DeWitt, they'll fry you.
Topher Brink: Yeah. I didn't really think that through.
Boyd Langton: Thank you.
Topher Brink: Oh, come on. Hey, I'm boned anyway. I call DeWitt. She's gonna take it out on Dominic. And who's Dominic gonna take it out on?

Boyd Langton: We're pimps and killers, but in a philanthropic way. Can I go now?
Echo: I don't know why I trust you. But I do.
Boyd Langton: I must have one of those faces.

Boyd Langton: I appreciate the offer, but I prefer to stay with Echo. I need to take care of her.
Adelle DeWitt: Apparently you don't. It seems she's the one taking care of us.

"Dollhouse: Belle Chose (#2.3)" (2009)
Boyd Langton: [Told the mind of an escaped doll with a serial killer's personality is to be erased by remote control] Then what? Leave him out on the street? Completely wiped?
Topher Brink: He'll be an empty-headed robot wandering around Hollywood. He'll be fine.

Boyd Langton: Turns out we have a sudden need for an FBI profiler. I suggested you.
Paul Ballard: For what?
Boyd Langton: To interrogate a possible serial killer.
Paul Ballard: Serial killer?... Thank God!

Boyd Langton: What are you trying?
Topher Brink: Uh... A remote wipe.
Boyd Langton: Why?
Topher Brink: Oh well, ha, Victor's loose, doesn't have GPS, and apparently he's a serial killer.
Boyd Langton: Ah.

Victor: Dr. Saunders? Where is Dr. Saunders please?
Boyd Langton: She's not here Victor.
Victor: [points to room where Karren is comatose] There is a man, he's not his best. Dr. Saunders can help him.
Adelle DeWitt: Thank you Victor, we'll help him,

"Dollhouse: Stage Fright (#1.3)" (2009)
Dr. Claire Saunders: You shouldn't've taken the arrow out. You could've bled to death. And a broadhead arrow does more damage coming out.
Boyd Langton: I'll remember that next time I'm being bow-hunted.

Boyd Langton: Look, if you don't certify me, and Echo gets sent out again, she could end up with some stranger as her handler.
Dr. Claire Saunders: We're all strangers to them.
Boyd Langton: She's my responsibility. And we both know there's someone out there. Someone who wants her dead. The word from upstairs is it can't be Alpha.
Dr. Claire Saunders: ...You're certified.
Boyd Langton: Thank you.
Dr. Claire Saunders: And do keep a close eye. Someone else is watching.
Boyd Langton: Someone always is.

Boyd Langton: Are you ready for your treatment?
Jordan: All right. But can I kick that guy's ass first?
Boyd Langton: I will seriously consider it.

Boyd Langton: This Sierra's new, isn't she?
[Hearn nods]
Boyd Langton: What happened to the previous Sierra?
Hearn: She got the job done.

"Dollhouse: Vows (#2.1)" (2009)
Boyd Langton: Every person I know is pretty poorly constructed. Everyone has an excuse for not dealing. But eventually, that's all they are - excuses.
Dr. Claire Saunders: What's yours?

Dr. Claire Saunders: So should I interpret this new concern as pity? Curiosity? Deviant excitement? There's no judging in the Dollhouse.
Boyd Langton: You seem to be having a hard time.
Dr. Claire Saunders: My entire existence was constructed by a sociopath in a sweater vest; what do you suggest I do?

Dr. Claire Saunders: What if she goes over your head?
Boyd Langton: I'm very tall.

Boyd Langton: The one who wanted to be rolled in eggs and flour and dipped.
Adelle DeWitt: Ahh, Tempura Joe. Such a lonely soul.
Boyd Langton: Thought I'd seen it all. But this engagement, *honestly*, this one's sick!

"Dollhouse: The Attic (#2.10)" (2009)
Boyd Langton: What do we know about the attic?
Topher Brink: No one comes back, Boyd.
Boyd Langton: But why? What do they do to them in there?
Topher Brink: I don't know: experimenting, torture. They're testing the limits of the human mind. The brain is kept in a fear induced adrenaline fueled overdrive state like a problem you can't solve. Either the nightmare lasts forever or...
Boyd Langton: Or it doesn't last at all.

Topher Brink: That's what we're going to do to Paul, you know. Take something away.
Boyd Langton: Yeah. I heard. That's going to make him more pissed off than he ususally is.
Topher Brink: Not if I take away his anger.
[Slight chuckle]
Boyd Langton: No. Anger will be all he has.
Topher Brink: That woman is going to drag us straight to hell.

Paul Ballard: What - what the hell - what the hell did you do to me?
Boyd Langton: You were in a coma, Paul.
Topher Brink: Alpha damaged your brain. We did it to save your life.
Paul Ballard: Did what?
[Long pause, as Ballard realizes what happened]
Paul Ballard: You made me a doll?

Boyd Langton: [after Ballard goes to confront DeWitt] At some point, he's going to figure out what we took away from him.
Topher Brink: I know.

"Dollhouse: True Believer (#1.5)" (2009)
Boyd Langton: I admire your courage. Hitchhiking across country.
Esther: Because I'm blind?
Boyd Langton: Nah. 'Cause you're a girl.
Esther: I'm a girl? Wow, I've been blind longer than I thought. Do I hear a smile?
Boyd Langton: You do.

Laurence Dominic: Then what's the problem?
Boyd Langton: Agent Lilly. He's about to release the hounds of hell on that compound. Echo's imprint will not have prepared her for this.
Laurence Dominic: Do nothing.
Boyd Langton: What? If you're worried about a glitch...
Laurence Dominic: No extraction! Authorization denied!
[Ends the call]

Agent Lilly: Okay, you wanted to go in there and get your girl? I'm open to letting you do that, under a couple of conditions...
Boyd Langton: [Boyd slams Agent Lilly against a truck] How 'bout these conditions? You stay the hell out of my way and maybe I don't tell anyone it was you! You knew he sent his people into town once a month. You were waiting. You ginned up tempers. Started rumors in the town, created a diversion and you wrote that note. That's how you got your warrant. Nobody ever asked to be saved. Not by you!

General Store Proprietor: I didn't see who wrote the note. Now it could have been any one of 'em. There was a bit of a mishegaas going on up at the front of the store at the time.
Boyd Langton: What kind of mishegaas?

"Dollhouse: Man on the Street (#1.6)" (2009)
Bicks: How is that even possible? Every square inch of this place is monitored. If two actives are going at it - what do you think DeWitt'll do? Do you think she'll come down hard? It was probably just a mistake. Look, these dolls, they're smiling all day. Then Sierra's crying in bed. Why alway then? Maybe she's broken? You figure, she's broken?
Boyd Langton: They're all broken.

Echo: Where are they taking Victor?
Boyd Langton: Echo, I'm trying to protect Sierra.
Echo: Sierra cries.
Boyd Langton: Not anymore.

Hearn: Do you want to play the game?
Sierra: No.
Hearn: But you remember to be very quiet during the game, right?
Sierra: Noise is upsetting.
Hearn: Lift up your dress.
[Boyd enters and hits Hearn, knocking him through the glass]
Sierra: That wasn't quiet.
Boyd Langton: Wasn't meant to be.

Adelle DeWitt: Why didn't you tell us you were setting up Hearn?
Boyd Langton: He had to be clear. He had to be flush with success or he'd never have tried again.
Adelle DeWitt: You will never take action like that on your own again inside these walls. Am I clear?
Boyd Langton: You're clear.
Adelle DeWitt: A bonus is being wired to your account.
Boyd Langton: I don't need a bonus.
Adelle DeWitt: Well I need to give it to you. That's all.

"Dollhouse: Belonging (#2.4)" (2009)
Boyd Langton: How did this get by DeWitt?
Topher Brink: We gotta tell her. She's going to flip her biscuits. Unless... you don't think she already knows?
Adelle DeWitt: She does now.

Boyd Langton: You're pushing. The actives. The staff. What you're doing could have consequences that you can't predict or control. Some people are not ready to wake up.
Echo: I don't care. Something bad is coming. Like a storm. And I want everyone to survive it. They need to wake up.
Boyd Langton: Echo, you stir things up, you might bring the storm on yourself.

Topher Brink: Priya does not belong in the Dollhouse.
Boyd Langton: She does now... Now I have to start the lies.

"Dollhouse: Stop-Loss (#2.9)" (2009)
Topher Brink: There's nothing lef in Ballard's head. Alpha scrubbed him clean. Even if I could make the chair work on someone without active architecture, I'd be lucky if I could get him to walk a straight line.
Boyd Langton: But he's stable, physically?
Topher Brink: As a zucchini. Which is what he's going to be for the rest of his life. Now my brain is starting to feel like his.

Echo: Ready to process the room? You want FBI, private investigator or should I surprise you?
Boyd Langton: So how exactly does this work? You accessing other personalities.
Echo: I used to have to make an effort to switch between imprints. But now I can slip back and forth without even thinking.
Boyd Langton: Who am I talking to now?
Echo: Echo. You're always talking to Echo. Though Roma Klar, and Elenor Penn are duking it out over who gets to help me figure this one out.
Boyd Langton: I'll take all the help I can get.

Boyd Langton: We may not have agreed in the past. But at least we put this house and the actives *first*. What happened to that woman?
Adelle DeWitt: She's standing in front of you.
Boyd Langton: No she's not! If you don't find her soon, you're going to lose control of this house. And *I'll* the one knocking down the door.
Adelle DeWitt: I hope it doesn't come down to that Mr. Langton.

"Dollhouse: Meet Jane Doe (#2.7)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: It feels like ages ago that we actually weighed a request against an active's chance at survival. Let alone well being.
Boyd Langton: We've always put them at risk. We just don't lie to ourselves about it now.
Adelle DeWitt: You sound like Harding.

Paul Ballard: She's not saying anything, but I think her headaches are getting worse. She's deteriorating.
Boyd Langton: I thought you said she was getting smarter.
Paul Ballard: She is. And it's taking its toll.
Boyd Langton: I'll wait for your signal. Good luck.

Boyd Langton: You need to take this house back.
Adelle DeWitt: And how am I supposed to do that?
Boyd Langton: The Adelle I knew would never ask me that question.

"Dollhouse: Gray Hour (#1.4)" (2009)
Boyd Langton: You drop it, I shoot you. Then you don't get paid, or breathe.

Topher Brink: You don't know?
Boyd Langton: What's going on?
Topher Brink: Echo's been wiped. Remotely.
Boyd Langton: WHAT?
Topher Brink: It's not my fault!

Boyd Langton: They're not bison, Topher.
Topher Brink: They're a little bit bison!

"Dollhouse: Briar Rose (#1.11)" (2009)
Boyd Langton: It came in an envelope. It was hand delivered. Who else would be trying to contact you covertly?
Adelle DeWitt, Mr. Dominic: Alpha.
Adelle DeWitt: I guess he didn't hear about the regime change.

Paul Ballard: [Opening Echo's pod] Caroline?
Boyd Langton: [From behind; pointing a gun] Sorry, Agent Ballard. You don't get the girl!

Paul Ballard: You really justify this? What you do to these people... you can live with this?
Boyd Langton: You're the one who came in here and assaulted one of our residents.
Adelle DeWitt: Yes, there's indignation enough for everyone to have seconds.

"Dollhouse: Echoes (#1.7)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: Which college?
Boyd Langton: Fremont. I tracked Echo here.
Adelle DeWitt: Oh please, God, be joking!
Boyd Langton: Why? What's up?

Boyd Langton: Would you like to have a treatment?
Alice: [pauses] No.
[walks away]
Boyd Langton: Hey. Wow... Did not maintain control of that situation.
[Boyd laughs... clearly infected by the drug]

Topher Brink: [infected Topher is talking to Victor-as-NSA-Agent on the phone] Listen to me carefully. I've got a huge phalanx of machines that go "PING!" And this drug is carried by anyone exposed to it... through touch! It is mandated that you get any Rossum operatives off the grounds and send them back here.
Adelle DeWitt: [Infected Adelle is jumping on a trampoline on the half-level below] Say Hi for me!
Topher Brink: [Ignoring Adele, continuing to talk to Victor over the phone] Nope. You Dolls, your...
[cringes at his mistake]
Topher Brink: By which... I mean of course... I mean NSA, CDC folks. You're safe as houses. Because of the government. They do things! But anyone else who comes into physical contact with the drug or anyone that is infected is susceptible. Am I sure?
[camera pulls back to reveal he's not wearing pants]
Topher Brink: I am fairly sure.
[to the infected DeWitt]
Topher Brink: Secret Agent Victor is so lofty.
Adelle DeWitt: I have a good story about him.
Topher Brink: Hold on, hold on.
[to himself]
Topher Brink: I have another call.
[into the phone]
Topher Brink: I have another call... I have a "better" call! Boyd. Did you find Echo?
Adelle DeWitt: [snatches phone and looks at Topher angrily] Boyd. Did you find Echo?
Boyd Langton: It's alright Miss DeWitt. I-I've worked it out.
Adelle DeWitt: Worked out what? Is Echo contained?
Boyd Langton: Just listen.
[the infected Boyd props cell phone up and starts playing the piano]
Adelle DeWitt: [the infected Adelle puts phone on speaker and she and the infected Topher smile blissfully and enjoy the music... both giggling insanely] Beautiful...

"Dollhouse: Haunted (#1.10)" (2009)
Boyd Langton: So, we can give you life after death?
Topher Brink: Only if we really like you.

Adelle DeWitt: Any idea who?
Boyd Langton: No. If I went in...
Adelle DeWitt: She has a new handler. You're going to have to get used to it.
Boyd Langton: Yes. I guess I am.

Boyd Langton: Life after death. Where does that end?
Topher Brink: Same place it begins. Death.

"Dollhouse: Omega (#1.12)" (2009)
Boyd Langton: [Watching an active get programmed] Topher says it's like childbirth. I think it's more like watching someone die.

Adelle DeWitt: Well he never actually killed anybody.
Boyd Langton: Not until he came here.

"Dollhouse: The Left Hand (#2.6)" (2009)
Victor: What you're not getting, man-friend, is that this whole operation is dependent upon *me*. Not a brain-construct-y me, but "Bond, James Bond" me. Which is
[Victor chuckles]
Victor: not so me.
Boyd Langton: Vict - Topher. All you have to do is stay calm.
Victor: This from the guy who had to dismember my last little outing!

Boyd Langton: So what are you saying? They're manufacturing a president?
Topher Brink: Wouldn't be the first time.

"Dollhouse: Needs (#1.8)" (2009)
Boyd Langton: We can't jump at shadows. I don't wanna report that my active asked for toast and have her sent to the Attic. We were hired to protect them.
Adelle DeWitt: In the field, yes, Mr. Langton. In here, we protect the house! A tide is rising. Until we learn how to turn it back, we pile up the sandbags together. Unless anyone here thinks they've got a better idea.

Boyd Langton: When Echo was leading them out, I would've liked to have seen that. Even if it was all a game. Your game.
Dr. Claire Saunders: Do you think I had fun?
Boyd Langton: I don't know you very well.
Dr. Claire Saunders: You have to look after Echo. I have to look after all of them. She wasn't leading them to freedom. She was leading them to a world of terror and chaos that would have destroyed them.
Boyd Langton: She's not leading them anywhere anymore.
Dr. Claire Saunders: You should be grateful.
Boyd Langton: Yeah. I'll work on that.