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David Hassan (Character)
from Privateer 2: The Darkening (1996) (VG)

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Privateer 2: The Darkening (1996) (VG)
[Lev Arris meets the CIS Commander Hassan on the prison planet Hades]
Lev Arris: This is not a place I ever wanted to see the inside of.
Hassan: Why should you see the inside of Hades? Unless you're guilty of a crime.
Lev Arris: Am I being accused of something here?
Hassan: Not necessarily.
Lev Arris: Now look, I saved your life, I chose to follow you down here, now if you don't quit playing the Man of Mystery, I'm going to get back on my ship and I'll take my own chances with whoever's trying to nail me.
Hassan: There's a lot to tell you, Arris. I don't know how much you know, I don't know how much you're involved, right now I don't care. You could be the biggest cutthroat this side of New Bedlam as long as you help me get the Kindred.
Lev Arris: The Kindred? Isn't that some kind of organized crime group?
Hassan: It's THE organised crime group. Over the past 40 years, they've infiltrated every aspect of society. Commerce, government, law enforcement, on every planet known to man. They manipulate stock markets, planetary economies, politics. And anyone who tries to stop them, anyone who tries to get in their way, they're eliminated.
Lev Arris: That puts you in the firing line, Hassan.
Hassan: It's my job.
Lev Arris: That's all it is, a job?
Hassan: The man who runs the organization has stayed in the shadows for some time. But you tell me, Arris, you tell me about the man who runs the Kindred.
Lev Arris: What am I supposed to know?
Hassan: He's clever. Ruthless. Brilliant by all accounts. Lavish with rewards to his faithful servants, brutal to those who aren't.
Lev Arris: Yeah, I think we've established that he's a powerful bastard, what's that got to do with me?
Hassan: In the Kindred organization his name is Kronos.
[staring out of the window into the storm, Lev has a sudden flash of recognition]
Hassan: The CIS is at war with the Kindred. It's a war you've found yourself in the middle of.
Lev Arris: I don't want any part of it. I've got my own problems.
Hassan: You haven't begun to have problems. You cross me, you'll have problems. You're gonna have to choose sides, Arris.

Rhinehart: But think, if you hadn't been frozen you would've been part of our war against the CIS, there wouldn't have been quite such buddy love between you then, huh?
Lev Arris: Well, whoever I was, I've changed.
Rhinehart: People don't change that much. Some are born wolves, some are sheep. You might be wearing sheep's clothing but your fangs are showing through.
Lev Arris: Yeah, well maybe losing my memory was the best thing that could've happened to me, it's given me a chance to choose who I am.
Rhinehart: God, this is becoming dangerously close to being a religious experience, forget it. As soon as all your memories return you'll be just like you used to be, your father's son.
Hassan: Maybe he's right.

Rhinehart: So you made it through after all. Bravo.
Hassan: Bravo? Do you know how many people have died?
Rhinehart: Oh, who the hell cares.
Lev Arris: Who are you?
Rhinehart: Well, I suppose we're all friends around here. My codename is Rhinehart.
Hassan: You sure you're not Malakai?
Rhinehart: Don't be absurd, Malakai's dead. Do I look dead?

Rhinehart: He knows you could replace him.
Lev Arris: That's right, I will.
Rhinehart: Maybe you'll have a chance to test that resolve, he's coming to take someone out himself.
Lev Arris: Who? Me?
Rhinehart: [Nods at Hassan] His Boss. The head of CIS.
Hassan: Sheila Nabakov! The security conference!
Rhinehart: The very same.
Lev Arris: [Stopping Hassan as he starts to run out] David, this is my war too.
Hassan: What side are you on?
Lev Arris: The right side.
Rhinehart: Ser Arris, remember, once a wolf... always a wolf.

Lev Arris: Don't you have your own agents for this kind of thing?
Hassan: Never know who to trust in this business, Arris. It's a dirty war. They got moles inside the CIS, we got agents in their organization. We give them the mushroom treatment.
Lev Arris: The mushroom treatment?
Hassan: Feed 'em shit, keep them in the dark.