Bill Broussard
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Bill Broussard (Character)
from JFK (1991)

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JFK (1991)
Bill Brousard: This is Louisiana, chief! I mean, how do you know who your daddy is? Because your mama told you so?

Bill Brousard: You're way out there, boss, taking a crap in the wind, and I for one am not going along on this ride!

Bill Brousard: None of their testimony is gonna hold up in court, Chief. Hell all three of them have reputations as low as crocodile piss.
Jim Garrison: That bother you, Bill? I always wonder why it is in court if a woman's a prostitute she has to have bad eyesight. Now go around the Quarter start snoopin around see if we can find out who this guy Bertrand is.
Bill Brousard: The six of us with no money and in private are gonna solve a conspiracy that the Warren Commission couldn't solve?
Jim Garrison: I didn't pick you because of your legal skills you know?
Bill Brousard: Gee thanks, boss.
Jim Garrison: Because you're a fighter. I like a man who isn't afraid of bad odds.

Bill Brousard: Clay Bertrand is Clay Shaw?