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Gideon (Character)
from Seraphim Falls (2006)

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Seraphim Falls (2006)
Gideon: [looks at emptied money pouch] No wonder you don't talk much. Too busy thieving.

Gideon: Why are you doing this?
Carver: Seraphim Falls.
Carver: If you kill this son of a bitch, it will not be paid. Extremities only!

Gideon: Your sister, she don't take kindly to thieving. There's plenty of time for that when you grow up.

Little Brother: Afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to stop walking.
Gideon: Let me be, boy. Best just go on back up to your kin.
Little Brother: Mister, I never shot nobody in the back before. So it's best you just turn around, and you get what's coming to you.
Gideon: Boy, now you put that gun up and go on.
Little Brother: Turn around.
Gideon: [turns and throws knife into Virgils' neck. Virgil falls off his horse. Gideon bends down and pulls out the knife] You're a fool, boy.
[whips blood off his knife onto his victim]
Gideon: I told you too let me be

Gideon: Time was, you said your war was over.
Carver: Only the dead can know the end of war, Captain.

Madame Louise Fair: Spoken like a true sinner.
Gideon: Well, hell, don't matter much out here.
Madame Louise Fair: Man's got to do what a man's got to do, right?

Gideon: What do you want?
Carver: I thought that would have been obvious the way I've been shootin' at ya.

[last lines]
Carver: [at gunpoint] Go on, finish it.
Gideon: [handing gun to him] I believe it's up to you, sir.
Carver: [barely audible] Rose. Rose.
Gideon: [gives him water and some for himself] Come on...