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Biography for
Tarkan (Character)
from Tarkan and the Blood of the Vikings (1971)

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Tarkan, the legendary hero of the Huns, was created by Sezgin Burak, a Turkish comic book artist. His adventures occur in 5th century, Attila the Hun's era. He was born in c. 415, AD. His father, Altar was a commander of warlord Rugila (Rua) in Caucasia. One year before his birth, his older brother Tan entrapped by the Alans' chief Kostok and Gosha the sorceress. Gosha bewitched Tan and he disappeared. After Tarkan's birth, the castle which was commanded by his father was captured by Kostok and his family and soldiers of the castle were massacred. His wet-nurse rescued him, and he was reared by the wolves. When he was a teenage, a Turkic warrior identified him and trained him as a warrior. He became one of the favorite warriors of Attila. In the some adventures, Bige, a Hunnic warrior girl and Kulke, a dwarf archer accompanied him. Bige was enamoured of Tarkan, but she has never expressed her feelings. Probably only woman he loved was Ursula, a Viking warrior princess. But she was killed by her enemies (in the movie adaptation, she survives). In the all adventures, his dog, Kurt accompanied him.

In the late 430s, he returned to Caucasia, killed Gosha, and rescued his brother Tan. Soon after, they discovered Kostok's place and killed him.

In the 440s, he has some important missions:

He disclosed the Byzantine conspiracy against Hunnic Empire and punished the Byzantine agents, Major Silas and Sergeant Kolosso.

He discovered the grave robbery of Byzantine soldiers and punished the responsible men.

He bring Mars' sword from the Vandals' land for Attila.

He saved Attila's oldest son, Ellac from Chinese usurper Yao Chang's trap.

He was taken prisoner by Roman soldiers and became a gladiator. Emperor Valentinianus' sister Honoria (she was not portrayed in the movie adaptations) rescued him for political ambitions. She gave him an engagement ring to send to Attila. After a hard struggle, Tarkan conveyed the ring to Attila. After some years, he returned to Rome and stated Attila's demands to Valentinianus.

In 452, he came to Aquileia and met his friend, innkeeper and bird fancier Mario. They conspired against Roman government of the city. After a hard struggle, Attila razed Aquielia, but Mario and his wife, Rosanna were killed by Roman soldiers.

Attila suddenly died in 453, and Hunnic Empire collapsed soon after. Tarkan's fate is unknown.

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