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Regret (Character)
from Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989)

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Little Miss Marker (1934)
Marky's Father: Look, this is my little girl. I'll leave her here while I go for the money.
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: I ain't taking no dolls for security.
Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: Look, Daddy, he's running away. Is he afraid?
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: Take her down off there. You get down off there.
Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: You're afraid of my daddy. Or you're afraid of me. You're afraid of something.
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: All right, take his marker. A little doll like this is worth twenty bucks any way you look at it.
Regret: Yeah, she ought to melt down for that much.

Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: Dizzy, when that guy comes back for the little doll, don't you turn her over to him until you get that twenty bucks.
Dizzy Memphis: But she's gone, boss.
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: So he sneaked her out, eh? Serves me right. Every time I get big-hearted -
Regret: When was the other time?
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: Why didn't you watch her?
Regret: What am I, a nursemaid? What'd you take her as a marker for, anyway?
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: I don't know.

Regret: Ah, kid, don't cry. Sorrowful didn't mean anything.
Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: He doesn't like me.
Regret: He don't even like himself.
Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: I want my daddy!