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Quotes for
Sasha (Character)
from Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

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Behind Enemy Lines (2001)
Miroslav Lokar: [Stackhouse is being interrogated after he is captured by Serb troops] Are you alone?
Stackhouse: Correct.
Chris Burnett: [the Serb troops, along with Lokar, leave and Stackhouse is watched by Sasha. Burnett observes from a nearby hill and sees Sasha execute Stackhouse]
Chris Burnett: NO!
[Sasha looks at the hill where Burnett is. Knowing that he gave away his position, Burnett starts to run]
Sasha: [Whistles to the nearby Serb troops and shouts in Serbian and begins shooting] There's another one!
Bazda: [In Serbian] Fire on the hills!
[Serb troops begin firing on Burnett as he escapes]

Sasha: [In Serbian] I have 48 hours, my friend. Let's see who can wait longer.

Bazda: [Bazda accidentally steps on a mine as he and Sasha are looking for Burnett]
[to Sasha and speaking in Serbian]
Bazda: Help me.
Sasha: [Pulls out his pistol and aims at Bazda and speaks in Serbian] Don't move. Be very still.
Bazda: [as Sasha carefully walks off; speaking in Serbian] Help me! HELP ME!
[Sasha shrugs at Bazda as Sasha leaves the area]