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Sierra (Character)
from "Dollhouse" (2009)

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"Dollhouse: Belonging (#2.4)" (2009)
[last lines]
Sierra: Did I fall asleep?
Topher Brink: For a little while

Sierra: I love him so much more that I hate you.

Topher Brink: Do you know where you are?
Sierra: I'm in... hell?
Topher Brink: You're in Los Angeles. I can understand the mix up.

Sierra: Are we happy here?
Topher Brink: I... you... most of you- I have no idea.

Pam: Hey, do they have royalty in Australia?
Sierra: Uh, we have a queen, yes. But it's the same one they have in England. Fickle bitch.

Nolan Kinnard: Would you ever be interested in uh, making something for me? Something very large?
Sierra: Like an elephant?
Nolan Kinnard: No. Like a painting. A big painting that would cost a lot more money.
Pam: Oh, you're loaded too.
Nolan Kinnard: I'm uh, overpaid.

Sierra: Do you want me wide eyed and demure? Or stupid? Did you want me to be a mute?
Sierra: Which is it Nolan? Which fantasy did you want to keep forever?
Nolan Kinnard: Priya?
Sierra: You just couldn't take "no" for an answer.

Sierra: What's his name?
[Topher looks where she's pointing]
Topher Brink: Victor.
Sierra: I love him... Is that real?
Topher Brink: Yes. Yes. It's real. He loves you back.

Sierra: This secret we have, can you keep it?
Topher Brink: I can keep it. But I don't know if I can live with it.
Sierra: I know I can't. But I don't have to.
[Sits back and prepares for a treatment]

"Dollhouse: Stop-Loss (#2.9)" (2009)
Echo: [Speaking of Victor] I needed him. I thought he could help me get everyone out.
Sierra: I'm sad too. But not for us. For him. He's not ready to be by himself.

Echo: [Handing Priya a weapon] Know how to fire a gun?
Priya Tsetsang: Uh, my grandfather took me hunting in Gippsland once.
Echo: Know how this works?
Priya Tsetsang: Well, I-I shot at rabbits. I-I didn't hit anything.
Echo: Same idea. Just bigger targets.

Anthony Ceccoli: There are two soldiers. A-Team formation. XM8 Assault rifles. MK23s and some flash grenades. They're about to make an offensive move. I'm Anthony by the way. You can call me "Tony."
Priya Tsetsang: Priya.
Anthony Ceccoli: Nice to meet you.

"Dollhouse: The Hollow Men (#2.12)" (2010)
Priya Tsetsang: What are you going to do?
Echo: Something Caroline tried to do two years ago: shut this place down for good.

Anthony Ceccoli: Look, you said it yourself. We have to help our friends. And this chair here, might be our only shot. And you know, no matter who I am, no matter what they put in my skull, I always remember you. That won't change. But if I turn evil...
[Hands her a weapon]
Anthony Ceccoli: - shoot me.
Priya Tsetsang: I'm not gonna kill you.
Anthony Ceccoli: Well, seriously wound me then.

Echo: Thought you two would be on a beach in Cancun by now.
Anthony Ceccoli: Never left a man behind before. Not going to start today.
Priya Tsetsang: Besides, we're family.
Echo: Do me a favor. Call us what you want, just not family.

"Dollhouse: The Attic (#2.10)" (2009)
Anthony Ceccoli: In my scenario, I was constantly fighting myself, at war. Just trying to get home to my girl.
[Holds up a photo of Priya]
Priya Tsetsang: In mine, I was constantly making love to you.
Anthony Ceccoli: Oh?
Priya Tsetsang: And then you'd turn into the rotting corpse of a rapist I killed.
Anthony Ceccoli: Oh.

Clyde Randolph: There has been talk a-amongst some of the security personnel that they placed here. They mistakenly let a woman in. She saw them. She could identify them. But apparently, they got to her too. They - they scrubbed her clean.
Laurence Dominic: So we have no way of telling...
Echo: Caroline!
Clyde Randolph: YES! Caroline! That was it!
Priya Tsetsang: Wait, Echo. Why does that sound familiar?
Echo: That's me. I was Caroline before I became Echo.

Echo: [Speaking of Priya and Anthony] The only way this scenario worked is if I didn't have to fight for you two.
Priya Tsetsang: Then we'll fight for ourselves. You don't have to look out for us any more. You've been inside our minds, You know we're just as abnormal and just as ready as you... We're a team now. We go together!

"Dollhouse: Haunted (#1.10)" (2009)
Sierra: Speaking of sci-fi, can we play with the sleepies?
Topher Brink: No.
Sierra: Come on, Topher. We could have them battle one another and bet on them like gladiators.

Sierra: Earth-identical gravity and atmosphere on other planets. Is that two?
Topher Brink: I'll give you one.
Sierra: That's fair. One ecosystem for a whole planet.
Topher Brink: Good.
Sierra: Human-alien cross-breeding without scientific intervention.
Topher Brink: Nice.
Sierra: Flamey explosions and sound in a vacuum.
Topher Brink: Yes! Good job.
Sierra: Oh, but there's so much more. Light speed travel, space storms and sexy, sexy aliens.
Topher Brink: Ahh-ahh-ahh, I said classic sci-fi errors. Now you're just attacking good story telling.

"Dollhouse: Needs (#1.8)" (2009)
November: I have a daughter... Katie.
Echo: Okay, we'll get you out of here.
Sierra: What's wrong?
Echo: She has a daughter.
November: Please help me find her. I don't know where she is.

Sierra: You'll be putting yourself back in there. You didn't fight to get out for nothing.
Echo: Not nothing. You guys are okay now. I go back in knowing that.
Victor: This thing, it's too big. There's too many of 'em. They got guns. What do you think you're gonna do?
Echo: Try and make a difference.

"Dollhouse: Epitaph Two: Return (#2.13)" (2010)
Anthony Ceccoli: I would do anything for you, for *both* of you.
Priya Tsetsang: Except for the *one* thing I asked you to do.

"Dollhouse: Vows (#2.1)" (2009)
Sierra: [Dressed and sounding like Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds, after having expressed a preference that Topher apply her "treatment"] I'm not comfortable with, uh, Orientals.
Ivy: [Somewhat taken aback, not least because Sierra is at least part-Asian herself] It'll only take a second.
Sierra: It's not a racialist issue. It's just that... Well, your culture's not really the thing, is it?
[Hands her jacket to Ivy as one would to a servant]
Ivy: Have a seat.
Sierra: I suppose I'm at your mercy. In fact, if you were to tie me down and spank me, I could hardly be expected to resist, could I?
Ivy: [Mildly freaked out] I'll keep that in mind.

"Dollhouse: Man on the Street (#1.6)" (2009)
Hearn: Do you want to play the game?
Sierra: No.
Hearn: But you remember to be very quiet during the game, right?
Sierra: Noise is upsetting.
Hearn: Lift up your dress.
[Boyd enters and hits Hearn, knocking him through the glass]
Sierra: That wasn't quiet.
Boyd Langton: Wasn't meant to be.