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Sgt. Michaels (Character)
from "7th Heaven" (1996)

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"7th Heaven: Johnny Get Your Gun (#3.7)" (1998)
Mr. Morton: I have a license for that gun!
Reverend Eric Camden: I don't care if you have a license for that gun. License or no license, you seem to be in complete denial that something could go terribly wrong here.
Mr. Morton: I know my son, okay? I know he would never shoot anyone!
Sgt. Michaels: Just the same, until this situation is resolved, you might want to take the gun out of your house.
Reverend Eric Camden: That gun is for our protection
Sgt. Michaels: Did you know that people who own guns are 33 times more likely to kill themselves, a family member or an acquaintance than to be killed by an armed intruder?

Sgt. Michaels: [to Eric] I talked to the folks in juvenile. Johnny has a record. And just as you thought the family has a gun, a registered .38 special.

"7th Heaven: ...And Expiation (#4.8)" (1999)
Sgt. Michaels: [about Mary] If you need any help trying to find a lawyer...
Annie Camden: What?
Sgt. Michaels: We're releasing her without bail on your recoginance, but this isn't over. She's... you're gonna need a lawyer.