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Quotes for
Ben London (Character)
from Mad Dog Time (1996)

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Mad Dog Time (1996)
Ben London: You can never really know the size of a person's brain until you have to clean it off the carpet, and let me tell you, Sleepy Joe had quite a brain.

Ben London: Vic's dead... That is, you wish he were dead. And after he gets out tomorrow, you'll wish you were dead. When he went into that hospital a month ago, I thought it was your run-of-the-mill nervous breakdown. But Vic... is sick, Mick. Vic is a sick prick, Mick.

Ben London: I am Brass-Balls Ben London! And oh, what a pair of balls had I!

Vic: Ben, go home. Pack your bags, and leave town.
Ben London: Nobody tells Ben London what to do any more!
Vic: [shoots Ben in the leg] Ben, hop home, pack your bags, and leave town.
Ben London: I'll hop home whenever I fucking feel like it!
Vic: [shoots the other leg] Now, Ben, roll home, pack your bags, and leave town.

Ben London: [on Jake's pills] Nitroglicerine my ass. Those are tic tacs.