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Luke Fitzgerald (Character)
from "Nurses" (1991)

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"Nurses: Smokin' in the Boys Room (#2.23)" (1993)
Nurse Julie Milbury: Yeah, Luke, I've never seen you scared of anything.
Luke Fitzgerald: I'm not. Except for being struck by lightning -- and I wasn't even scared of that the first two times.

Luke Fitzgerald: What the hell am I doing?
Sister Mary Alma: You're cursing, that's what you're doing. The road to Hell is paved with profanity users!
Luke Fitzgerald: You know, your road to Hell's gotta be about the best paved road there is!

"Nurses: What Are Friends For? (#2.22)" (1993)
Luke Fitzgerald: Well, as you know, doc, movement is still possible after braindeath due to residual motor impulses.
Dr. Hank Kaplan: Sure, chickens with their heads cut off, corpses sitting upright in their coffins...
Luke Fitzgerald: These are a few of my favorite things!