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Gaunt Gary (Character)
from "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)

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"Star Trek: Voyager: Twisted (#2.6)" (1995)
Gaunt Gary: Would you mind moving your foot, Tommy boy? It's blocking my shot.
[when Paris and Torres, while trying to beam onto the bridge, rematerialize on the pool table]

"Star Trek: Voyager: The Cloud (#1.5)" (1995)
Gaunt Gary: Me, I got a whole different approach to women: treat a lady like a tramp and a tramp like a lady. Never fails.
Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres: Paris - did you program this guy?
Lieutenant Tom Paris: Yeah, why?
Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres: He's a pig. And so are you.
[walks away]
Gaunt Gary: Almost never.