Julius Karekin
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Julius Karekin (Character)
from "Upstairs, Downstairs" (1971)

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"Upstairs, Downstairs: A Special Mischief (#2.10)" (1972)
Elizabeth Kirbridge: Are you a snob, sir, or a detective.
Julius Karekin: A connoisseur of handsome women.
Elizabeth Kirbridge: Then I shall leave at once.
Julius Karekin: How vain to assume I include you!

Julius Karekin: Loris, a bottle of the Heidsieck '95.
Loris: Oui, monsieur.
Elizabeth Kirbridge: Champagne at such a time?
Julius Karekin: It is ideal at any time. In the evening it smooths the way to love. At midday it is an excellent aid to the digestion. At this hour I am not sure but it will offer some benefit.

Julius Karekin: I have lost ground with you.
Elizabeth Kirbridge: You never gained any.

Julius Karekin: [annoyed that he must get up at 8 a.m] I rise at 10, and beside which it is a well-known fact that I have no truck with ladies before noon.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: A Family Gathering (#2.13)" (1973)
Richard Bellamy: Nevertheless, in this country gentlemen are expected to favor only one political cause at a time, as they would favor only one woman at a time.
Julius Karekin: True, Bellamy, but as I am constantly reminding your charming daughter, I am no gentleman.

Elizabeth Kirbridge: What sort of man are you?
Julius Karekin: A philanderer.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: The Fruits of Love (#2.11)" (1973)
Elizabeth Kirbridge: You seem to have studied the history of my family,
Julius Karekin: Oh, I like to know the form before I place a bet.