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Reverend Josiah Reed (Character)
from Gun (2005) (VG)

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Gun (2005) (VG)
Reverend Josiah Reed: [to Sadie] Tell me where it is, you wanton whore, and you will save the lives of everyone on this boat!
[she slaps him and runs away]
Reverend Josiah Reed: Thy will be done!
[he throws a tomahawk at her and it sticks in the back of her head pinning her umbrella to her head]

Thomas MacGruder: Well, Reverend? Were my orders carried out?
Reverend Josiah Reed: With a vengeance.
Thomas MacGruder: And the missing item?
Reverend Josiah Reed: It... couldn't be recovered, sir.
Thomas MacGruder: [shouts] You failed me?
Reverend Josiah Reed: No, sir! The whore had it stowed inside the safe, and it sank to the bottom of the river-!
[Magruder nods to his bodyguard, who seizes Reed's neck and forces his head down onto the desk]
Thomas MacGruder: Failure was not an option.
[He opens a razor]
Thomas MacGruder: The price must be paid.
[he begins to slice off Reed's ear]

[Reed is defeated, and tries to run. Colton shoots him in the leg, and he falls]
Reverend Josiah Reed: Ah, my leg! You can't kill me, I'm unarmed! You kill me, and your soul will be as cursed as mine...!
[Colton jams his rifle into Reed's mouth]
Colton White: This is for Jenny.