Kevin Bernard
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Kevin Bernard (Character)
from "Law & Order" (1990)

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"Law & Order: Falling (#19.4)" (2008)
Detective Cyrus Lupo: [Looking at financial records] 'Who needs math?' I told my teachers, 'I'm gonna be a cop.'
Detective Kevin Bernard: Don't feel bad. I said the same thing about biology. Now I spend half my life looking at autopsies.

Detective Cyrus Lupo: Faxes from the city inspector approving the night shifts, the heavier loads.
Detective Kevin Bernard: Check this out. The number that this was faxed from doesn't match the number on the cover sheet.
Detective Cyrus Lupo: 631 area code. A city inspector faxing from the Hamptons on a weekday afternoon.
Detective Cyrus Lupo: Nice work if you can get it.

Detective Cyrus Lupo: We're homicide with the 27.
Wayne Hardy: Homicide? What do we need homicide detectives for?
Detective Kevin Bernard: [Indicates Carlos Lazaro's dead body] You don't, but he does. And until we know happened, sir, this is a crime scene.

"Law & Order: Chattel (#19.8)" (2009)
Detective Kevin Bernard: [to a Haitian girl] Come on sweetheart, it's alright, your working days are over.

"Law & Order: Dignity (#20.5)" (2009)
Detective Kevin Bernard: [a man has been killed in a church, during a service] It has to be said: can I get a witness?

"Law & Order: Brilliant Disguise (#20.15)" (2010)
Detective Kevin Bernard: Robbie, put the rat down!

"Law & Order: Just a Girl in the World (#20.2)" (2009)
Detective Kevin Bernard: I see where this is heading, Lupes. Next thing she'll be friending you on Facebook.
Detective Cyrus Lupo: [chuckles/scoffs]