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Madge Hardcastle (Character)
from "As Time Goes By" (1992)

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"As Time Goes By: Showered with Gifts (#5.7)" (1996)
Lionel: [to Madge and Rocky] You're both old enough to know better.
Madge: Oh piffle! If you ever think you're old enough to know better, you ought to have yourself put down.

"As Time Goes By: Wedding Day Nerves (#4.8)" (1995)
[at her wedding reception, Jean is talking to Madge and Penny]
Madge: So what time do you and Lionel intend getting away from this mob?
Jean: Oh, about midnight or so, I expect.
[Lionel beckons Jean over]
Jean: Excuse me.
[She leaves]
Penny: I don't think I like being described as a 'mob'.
Madge: Well, if that's the worst you're ever described as, you're a very lucky woman!

"As Time Goes By: What's Wrong with Mrs Bale? (#6.4)" (1997)
Rocky: Well, we must be whizzing too. We've got to get down to Brighton.
Lionel: What are you doing in Brighton?
Madge: Stock car racing.
Lionel: You're not!
Madge: We're watching! We're watching!

"As Time Goes By: Rocky's Wedding Day (#3.2)" (1994)
Madge: [about Rocky] I'll look after him, you know.
Lionel: At breakneck pace?
Madge: The only way to go.
Lionel: I was afraid of that

"As Time Goes By: Problems, Problems (#3.10)" (1994)
Madge: What does time matter at our age? It's what's in the time that counts.
Rocky: Rock on!
Madge: Rock on!
Jean: Rock on!
Lionel: Oh, what the hell! Rock on!