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Simon Marchmont (Character)
from "Posh Nosh" (2003)

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"Posh Nosh: Bread & Butter Pudding (#1.5)" (2003)
[first lines]
Minty Marchmont: Hello. Welcome to Posh Nosh. Today we're going to show you how to make the dish that made us famous: bread 'n' butter pudding
Simon Marchmont: Bread *and* butter pudding.
Minty Marchmont: Bread *and* butter pudding.
Simon Marchmont: It's all in the 'and'.

Minty Marchmont: So, we had our signature dish, the Quill and Tassel bread and butter pudding...
Simon Marchmont: Bread *and* butter.
Minty Marchmont: Bread *and* butter pudding with close shaved fennel. Its crunchy aniseed taste gives it that je ne sais quoi we all know.

[last lines]
Simon Marchmont: We changed the face of bread and butter pudding forever.
Minty Marchmont: Bread *and* butter pudding.
Simon Marchmont: That's what we change it to.
Minty Marchmont: Right. Next week on Posh Nosh we'll be taunting an aubergine. See you then.

"Posh Nosh: Sauces (#1.7)" (2003)
[first lines]
Minty Marchmont: Hello. Today, sauces. Sauces are really important. Where wou...
Simon Marchmont: Sauces are really important.
Minty Marchmont: Yes. Where would turkey be without cranberry? Where would pork be without apple? Where would Laurel be without Hardy? Where would you be without me? This med...
Simon Marchmont: Mykonos.

[last lines]
Simon Marchmont: From now on, if you want to eat in my restaurant, you eat *sauce*! Forget all this.
[picks up the solid food from the plates and throws it away]
Simon Marchmont: This is irrelevant. Get rid of all this *crap*! I've seen the future and it's *sauce*! Happy now?
Minty Marchmont: Next week on 'Posh Nosh', beached whale mousse.
Simon Marchmont: Wake up and smell the sauce!

"Posh Nosh: 'Leftovers' (#1.6)" (2003)
[first lines]
Minty Marchmont: Hello. Welcome to Posh Nosh.
Simon Marchmont: Hello.
Minty Marchmont: Sunday evenings are very special to us. Come Sunday evenings we get to relax and just cook a simple dinner, and tonight we've got a rather special friend coming to dinner.
Simon Marchmont: Supper. Not dinner; supper. Sunday evening's a time for supper.
Minty Marchmont: Supper.
Simon Marchmont: Supper is dinner with its shirt undone.
Minty Marchmont: And we...
Simon Marchmont: Supper is relaxed, it's languid,
Minty Marchmont: Yes.
Simon Marchmont: it's louche. Dinner is a middle manager from Leicester sucking up to Japanese clients. Supper is an Italian language student sunning himself on a lovely June evening in Hyde Park, stretched out on one of those picnic rugs.
Minty Marchmont: Yes, all right.
Simon Marchmont: Supper is leftovers.
Minty Marchmont: And today we're going to show you how to *make* leftovers.
Simon Marchmont: We're going to do leftover roast chicken with parsnip and watercress salad leftovers, with leftover wine and leftover bread.

Simon Marchmont: [On the importance of choosing ingredients] Always have a relationship with your meat.

"Posh Nosh: Comfort Food (#1.8)" (2003)
Minty Marchmont: In times of grief, we turn to the things we love.
Simon Marchmont: Shepherd's pie, steak and kidney pud, apple crumble and custard; nanny food. Comfort food.