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Lloyd Diffy (Character)
from "Phil of the Future" (2004)

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"Phil of the Future: Back to the Future (Not the Movie) (#2.23)" (2006)
Phil Diffy: [Phil is sleeping on the way back to 2121. He suddenly wakes up, wide eyed] Uh-oh.
Pim Diffy: Uh-oh.
Barbara Diffy: What are you two- uh-oh.
Lloyd Diffy: That's three 'uh-oh's; what's the matter.
Phil Diffy: I think we forgot something.
Lloyd Diffy: [Turns around, looking for something] You know we could just keep on going.
Barbara Diffy: Lloyd.
[Lloyd sighes and starts to reverse the time engine]
Curtis: [Curtis enters the former Diffy household, and opens the fridge. He suddenly pops his head up with a chicken leg in his mouth] Hello? Anybody... home...
[starts to whine like a dog]

Lloyd Diffy: [Holds up hammer above time engine then gasps when he sees another hammer] Barb! What are you doing with that hammer?
Barbara Diffy: Thought I might try to open a coconut, I was in the mood for coconut
[looks at Llyod]
Barbara Diffy: What were you doing with your hammer?
Lloyd Diffy: [chuckles nervously] Uh also a coconut, its funny huh?
Phil Diffy: [Enters kitchen and turns on the light] What's going on?
Barbara Diffy, Lloyd Diffy: Nothing... nothing
Phil Diffy: You guys were about to destroy the time engine!
Lloyd Diffy: No no! Coconuts!

Lloyd Diffy: [Goes over to Phil and puts and arm around him] Hey buddy, your mom and I are so proud of you and how you've grown into such a responsible young man.
Phil Diffy: Well then you better go back to bed before you start seeing me start crying.
Pim Diffy: [Groggily walks into kitchen] What's going on?
Barbara Diffy: Hey sweetie what are you doing up?
Pim Diffy: Um...
[sledgehammer drops onto the floor]
Pim Diffy: ok, who else used the coconut excuse?

"Phil of the Future: Ill of the Future (#2.20)" (2006)
Pim Diffy, Phil Diffy: Dad!
Phil Diffy: Dad... Pim's being nice to me.
Lloyd Diffy: Pim stop being nice to your brother!
Pim Diffy: [Covers mouth with her hand] I can't help it!
Lloyd Diffy: Then Phil whatever you're doing to make your sister be nice to you, knock it off.
[scoffs then walks away]

Lloyd Diffy: [talks to Pim and Phil through the communicator] It's a future disease, it's not dangerous. It affects your personality, changes it temporarily. Phil, usually a straight shooter is now a despicable liar.
Phil Diffy: Hah! Excellent!
Lloyd Diffy: And Pim brace yourself, you're now the daughter that every parent dreams of.
Pim Diffy: I love you daddy.
Lloyd Diffy: Wow, you really have it a bad.

Lloyd Diffy: [Throw telephone into the dishwasher] We're all allowed to use the phone!
Phil Diffy: Dad! You've gotta ignore me alright? I've got to find...
[Struggles with trying not to lie]
Phil Diffy: lose Keely! Some guy didn't ask her out and now I have to let them go!
Lloyd Diffy: [Slapping his cheeks] Focus Lloyd!
Lloyd Diffy: [looks at Phil] Alright some guy...
Phil Diffy: [Nodding happily] No!
Lloyd Diffy: Asked Keely out...
Phil Diffy: [Nodding harder] No!
Lloyd Diffy: And if you don't stop her they'll be out on a date!
Phil Diffy: [Nodding and smiling] You're totally missing the point!
Lloyd Diffy: [Starts lying] Well son you I know couldn't care less but you can go
[locks the backdoor and guards it]
Phil Diffy: [Give his dad a death glare] You've really mad me happy Dad.

"Phil of the Future: Dinner Time (#2.4)" (2005)
Lloyd Diffy: We're doomed! He saw everything, I know it!
Phil Diffy: Dad, we don't know that he saw anything.
Lloyd Diffy: He'll tell someone, and then they will tell someone, and then the whole world will know that the Diffys are from the future!
Keely Teslow: I haven't told anyone!
Lloyd Diffy: Yes, but who's gonna believe you?

Lloyd Diffy: [as Phil] Here we are. Barbara and Lloyd Diffy. The Diffys.
Barbara Diffy: [as Keely] That's us. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Diffy.
[Lloyd/Phil and Mr. Hackett both give her a look]
Barbara Diffy: I mean Lloyd Diffy.

"Phil of the Future: Maybe-Sitting (#2.10)" (2005)
Lloyd Diffy: [to Phil] I'm not gonna ground you, but technically, you're not leaving the house for a week.

"Phil of the Future: Versa Day (#2.2)" (2005)
Lloyd Diffy: Curtis! You can not eat all those.
Curtis: Curtis accept challenge! Hahah!
[eats all the sausages in two seconds]

"Phil of the Future: Time Release Capsule (#2.8)" (2005)
Barbara Diffy: Well, at least we'll still have our memories.
Lloyd Diffy: You guys don't get it. If we never took this trip, we never got stuck here. There are no memories.
Phil Diffy: But that means we won't remember anything or anybody. I won't remember Keely...she won't remember me.
Pim Diffy: Good thing she hates your guts, huh.

"Phil of the Future: Halloween (#1.15)" (2004)
Lloyd Diffy: You're a... a-a-a-a... a... Helmet Man! Protector of the universe, with your trusty sidekick Stick Boy!
Phil Diffy: No.
Lloyd Diffy: I give up.
Phil Diffy: This is only part of the costume. Keely and I are going as a two-headed hockey player.
Lloyd Diffy: Two-headed hockey player, huh? That's original.

"Phil of the Future: You Say Toe-Mato (#1.12)" (2004)
Keely Teslow: Phil, I don't care if you're from the future. Or from Kansas, or some nutjob from Nutsville. It doesn't matter to me. Whatever secrets you have, they're safe with me.
Phil Diffy: [pauses] Thank you. That really means a lot to me. It... it means a lot to us.
Lloyd Diffy: Phil, it looks like your new friend might want a ride home.
[throws a future device to him. Phil looks at it, then at Keely, then at his parents]
Phil Diffy: Really?
Barbara Diffy: Be careful.
[Phil throws it to the ground, where it transforms into a future vehicle]
Keely Teslow: Oh, my gosh, Phil! You really are from the future!
Phil Diffy: It's a Skyac. Hop on.

"Phil of the Future: Broadcast Blues (#2.18)" (2006)
Keely Teslow: Actually, I'm here to see Pim.
Barbara Diffy: Why what did she do to you?
Keely Teslow: N-nothing.
Barbara Diffy: [scream] Lloyd! Get the checkbook!
Keely Teslow: No really...
Barbara Diffy: Honey whatever she broke, injured or humiliated we will take care of it.
Keely Teslow: Honestly, everything's fine.
Lloyd Diffy: Hey what's the with the hardball, just give me a round number.

"Phil of the Future: Daddy Dearest (#1.8)" (2004)
Lloyd Diffy: Aw come on guys, you gotta love this American Folk Music. How about Millie kissed a catfish? Here we go.
Phil Diffy: [stops Lloyd] Uh Dad I want to but I gotta meet Keely at the mall.
Pim Diffy: [Lloyd looks at Pim] And I... just don't want to.

"Phil of the Future: Happy Nird-Day (#2.19)" (2006)
Lloyd Diffy, Phil Diffy, Barbara Diffy: [singing] Happy Nird-Day. Happy Nird-Day. You're brand new. You're brand new. Your code is in the system, you've got global wisdom. Good for you! Good for You!

"Phil of the Future: Future Jock (#1.11)" (2004)
Phil Diffy: Ok. See here's the thing, there's this guy at school, he's really good at gymnastics and everyone is really impressed with him, even Keely. I don't know why it bothers me so much but it does.
Lloyd Diffy: Well Phil, as a concerned parent. Let me ask you, how does that make you feel?
Phil Diffy: I just told you... it bothers me.

"Phil of the Future: Phillin' In (#1.4)" (2004)
[Lloyd and Barbara are driving, but get stopped by the police]
Officer Bunkley: Have you been drinking?
Lloyd Diffy: Haven't I? I've been doing nothing but!
[drinks from a bottle]

"Phil of the Future: Tia, Via, or Me... Uh. (#2.5)" (2005)
Lloyd Diffy: Woah, woah, woah! No, put that down! Turn the TV on. It's way better. It's like a book that talks.