Ensign Robin Lefler
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Ensign Robin Lefler (Character)
from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987)

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"Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Game (#5.6)" (1991)
Ensign Lefler: [about her childhood] I spent all of my time around technical equipment. My first friend was a tricorder.
Wesley Crusher: Really? My very first friend was a warp coil.

[Lefler's Laws]
Ensign Lefler: Law 1: You can only count on yourself.

Ensign Lefler: Law 17: When all else fails, do it yourself.

Ensign Lefler: Law 36: You gotta go with what works.

Ensign Lefler: Law 46: Life isn't always fair.

Ensign Lefler: Law 91: Always watch your back.

Ensign Lefler: Your neutrinos are drifting.

Wesley Crusher: Maybe there's more going on here than we thought. What if someone's trying to use the game for some purpose other than pleasure?
Ensign Lefler: Then Data would be a threat to that plan. And only with Data out of the way would everyone become addicted.
Wesley Crusher: And everyone has... except us.

Ensign Lefler: It's your turn. Play the game, Wesley.