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Quotes for
Roberta Lincoln (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: Assignment: Earth (#2.26)" (1968)
Roberta Lincoln: Well, how do you expect me to type, with my nose?

Roberta Lincoln: [frustrated] Okay. That does it. I quit!
Mister Seven: Wait a minute, what're you...
Roberta Lincoln: I'm quitting right now!
Mister Seven: You're not acting, are you?
Roberta Lincoln: [puts on her coat and grabs her purse] Acting? I'm leaving! Goodbye.
[walks to the door. Gary locks it with his servo]
Roberta Lincoln: Hey. Hey!
Mister Seven: [activates cube on desk] Tie into computer.
Beta 5 Computer: Computer on.
Mister Seven: Scan unidentified female present.
Beta 5 Computer: Roberta Lincoln, human. Profession: secretary.
Roberta Lincoln: [nervously] Ha...
Beta 5 Computer: Employed by 347 and 201. Description: age 20; five feet, seven inches; 120 pounds. Hair presently tinted honey-blonde. Although behavior appears erratic, possesses high I.Q.
Roberta Lincoln: Heh!
Beta 5 Computer: Birthmarks:...
Roberta Lincoln: Hey.
Beta 5 Computer: Small mole on left shoulder; somewhat larger star-shaped mark on her...
Roberta Lincoln: [deactivates cube] Hey! Watch it! Okay, I'll bite. What is it?
Mister Seven: [realizing he has given himself away] Miss Lincoln... Miss Lincoln, um... What kind of work did your employers say they were doing here?
Roberta Lincoln: Research for a new encyclopedia?
[Seven looks at her]
Roberta Lincoln: No? No.

Roberta Lincoln: Hold it, Mr. Seven. I'm telling you, you're through monkeying around with my country's rocket.

Roberta Lincoln: Mister Seven, I want to believe you. I-I do. I mean, I know this world needs help. That's why some of my generation are... kind of crazy and rebels, you know. We wonder if we're gonna be alive when we're thirty.

Roberta Lincoln: [pulling off Spock's hat] What are YOU?

Roberta Lincoln: [indicating Isis] Would you mind telling me who that is?
Mister Seven: That, Miss Lincoln, is simply my cat.

Mister Seven: Where is 347?
Roberta Lincoln: With 348?

Roberta Lincoln: [to the green computer-interfaced cube] All right, don't answer. But you can tell him I quit. You can tell him I promise not to tell anybody anything. He's safe. And you're safe, my little green friend.
[the cube flashes twice]
Roberta Lincoln: Same to you.