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Quotes for
Anzor Yugorsky (Character)
from Running Scared (2006)

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Running Scared (2006)
Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: [to Oleg] Where are you going? You do not walk out on The Duke!

Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: What is this?
Mila Yugorsky: Wolfgang Puck. It's your favorite.
Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: It's thick crust, you damn blyad.

Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: [to Oleg] When I was growing up in Kishinov, we had no VHS, no DVD back then. I remember... I did a job for this friend of my father. I pickpocketed a key off this apparatchik. The man gave me as a reward this children's projector. It came with three films: Speedy Gonzalez, Tarzan of the Apes, and John Wayne in The Cowboys. I watched that thing... a thousand times.
Mila Yugorsky: [offering a plate of pizza] Anzor, it's getting cold.
[Anzor puts his cigarette ash on the food]
Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: I was nine years old. I didn't know how long movies were supposed to be. My version of The Cowboys, it was only ten minutes long. No John Wayne getting shot. Because it was for kids, they left that part out. I didn't know this until I arrive in America and see it on TV for the first time. I hate it. I want my eight millimeter back. Because on that one, the Duke lives. Some things were better in the old place. Not too many. Some things.

Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: The little prick... insults the Duke. He don't eat in this house. You hear me, you little snotface? Stay in your room! Jerk off to your fucking Razors! Faggot!

Joey Gazelle: [upon finding Anzor shot] What the fuck? Where's the kid? Huh? Where's the kid?
Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: Fuck him. I'm the one who's shot.
Joey Gazelle: Who is he? Is he still in the house?
Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: The little snotfuck ran out back.
Joey Gazelle: Oleg? What are you trying to say? Oleg shot you?
Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: What are you, a fucking idiot? I didn't do this to myself.

Detective Rydell: [showing his badge] Detective Rydell. Narcotics.
Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: I already made a statement. I don't know who the shooter was. Fucking niggers all look the same.
Detective Rydell: Yeah. Anzor Yugorsky. Any relation to Ivan Yugorsky?
Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: My uncle.
Detective Rydell: The czar of Brighton Beach. I been to his club a couple of times. Nice joint. He even sang a few songs.
Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: He sings like a fucking toad.
Detective Rydell: Well, Sinatra he's not, but he's a man with a serious reputation. He has a lot of enemies.
Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky: Bullshit. I told you. It was just some fucking crackhead.
Detective Rydell: Yeah, well, I spoke to the officers on the scene. There was no sign of forced entry, but they did find some interesting shit out back. Six cases of NyQuil, and it ain't even cold season. Now what do you think a search warrant is gonna turn up, huh?