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Rollo Larson (Character)
from "Sanford and Son" (1972)

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"Sanford and Son: The Party Crasher (#3.18)" (1974)
Lamont Sanford: [Opens the door for Rollo, who is wearing a snazzy suit] Hey, Rollo! I see you got yourself a few new threads.
Rollo Larson: No, baby, this is the whole spool!

Rollo Larson: Aw, man, quit thinking' about that; most cats cut out when they're sixteen. You got to cut out sometime. How old are you?
Lamont Sanford: Thirty-one.
Rollo Larson: Well what're you waitin' on, Medicare?

"Sanford and Son: Fred's Treasure Garden (#4.11)" (1974)
Lamont Sanford: [Thinking of what to do with the marijuana plants] We gotta think of some way to get rid of that stuff.
Rollo Larson: Hey, don't worry, baby! I'll do it.
Lamont Sanford: Wait a minute! I know - I'll burn it!
Rollo Larson: That's exactly what I had in mind!

Officer 'Hoppy' Hopkins: [while ravenously eating Grady's wild parsley salad] That is delicious! Oughtta be a crime for a salad to be this good.
Rollo Larson: In most states it is.

"Sanford and Son: The Stung (#4.22)" (1975)
Rollo Larson: Hey, Pops, how's it goin'?
Fred G. Sanford: Oh, it's pretty good, Rollo. Crime outside went down 50 percent.
Rollo Larson: Why?
Fred G. Sanford: Because you inside.

Rollo Larson: [after admitting Fred's prank fooled them] Nice goin', Pops.
Fred G. Sanford: I'm not Pops; I'm lolli-Pops, and you're the four all-day suckers.

"Sanford and Son: Ol' Brown Eyes (#4.3)" (1974)
Fred G. Sanford: [after Lamont tells Fred he should make their guest feel at home] Rollo, feel at home.
Rollo Larson: I do.
Fred G. Sanford: Well, would you do me a favor?
Rollo Larson: Certainly.
Fred G. Sanford: Would you take the garbage out?
Rollo Larson: Of course. Where is it?
Fred G. Sanford: In your shoes.

Fred G. Sanford: You gonna to need some insurance because I'm fixing to preform a 459.
Rollo Larson: What's a 459?
Fred G. Sanford: Breaking and entering your skull!

"Sanford: Cal's Diet: Part 2 (#1.13)" (1980)
Rollo Larson: [In the Gab n' Grab Singles Bar] Hey, Cal, Pops. Hey, you fellas out cruisin' for chicks or are you two together?
Fred G. Sanford: Both. Y'see, Rollo, Cal needs a girlfriend, so Cal is on the prowl for some fowl.

"Sanford and Son: The Engagement (#3.9)" (1973)
Lamont Sanford: [Lamont and Rollo are looking for dates, Rollo flipping through his little black book] Hey, man, what about Dimples and Leigh?
Rollo Larson: Dimples and Leigh? The gruesome twosome? You is a fool. We ain't that hard up... Hey, I wonder if I still got their numbers.
Lamont Sanford: Look under DT for "desperation time."
Rollo Larson: No, here it is, under LR for "last resort."

"Sanford and Son: School Daze (#6.24)" (1977)
Aunt Esther Anderson: I'm tellin' ya, the man is obviously senile! Up there with that woman! Messin' around!
Rollo Larson: I don't know, Esther, if you gotta go senile that's the way to go.

"Sanford: Younger Than Springtime Am I (#1.6)" (1980)
Rollo Larson: Say, Pop, look. You took that pill 24 hours ago and you're supposed to lose age, but all you losing is your mind.
Cal Pettie: Face it, Fred. On the highway of life you're a '52 DeSoto.
Fred G. Sanford: And let's face it, Cal. On the highway of life you're all six lanes.

"Sanford and Son: The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice (#5.20)" (1976)
Rollo Larson: [to jewelry store clerk] Hey, look here, I'm gonna give it to you straight. We'd like to see the cheapest thing you have in a ring.
Salesperson: How about two tickets to the bullfights?
Rollo Larson: Hey, man, you tryin' to get smart?
Salesperson: Oh, nooo, then you and I would have nothing in common.