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Quotes for
Roland Dalton (Character)
from Shakedown (1988)

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Shakedown (1988)
Gail Feinberger: Don't you think it's a little early in the morning for heavy metal?
Roland Dalton: Gail, Gail, honey, sweetie, I love you, I'm gonna marry you, but you are making me feel very old. This is not heavy metal. This is Hendrix. Genius, maybe, but this is definitely not heavy metal.

Roland Dalton: Once upon a time all I planned to do was play the tenor sax. Forever. That's it. Fillsville, man. But my dad and everybody said I was a sap, there was no money in it, so I go to law school, and I am here now, gone from another place. But I could play the tenor sax all day and all night. Everything was possible. And I was very certain that at any moment, I was going to find the love of my life.
Richie Marks: The love of your life?
Roland Dalton: Yeah.
Richie Marks: I met the love of my life once. Only I killed her dog before I got a chance to tell her. Man, she was everything I ever wanted. I met her at Shakespeare in the park. Told her I was a lawyer - that line seemed to work for you. Rained like hell that day. I had an umbrella. We went back to her apartment, she went to the bathroom, I sat on the couch. She had this great big damn dog. Dog had a ball. I threw the ball, the dog brought it back. I threw it again, harder. I'll never forget the sound of that dog's paws on the newly waxed floor. How was I supposed to know she'd left the window open? The dog fell thirteen floors and landed on a parked car. I looked out the window, took one look, threw up, and left. Left. Without ever tellin' her she was the one.
Roland Dalton: Happy is the fleeting hope of youth.
Richie Marks: Who said that?
Roland Dalton: Me. I'm gonna take the streets, Richie.
Richie Marks: Good for you, counselor. Me, too.

Roland Dalton: Richie, I love you man, but you are definitely new to the planet!