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Quotes for
Michael Boll (Character)
from Bad Influence (1990)

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Bad Influence (1990)
Michael: What happened last night?
Alex: What do you mean?
Michael: The last thing I remember is we were driving around Patterson's neighborhood. And I go into the office today and find out that he got beat up. And I'm standing there in the middle of everybody with dried blood all over my hand. Did we go to Patterson's last night?
Alex: Yes. We went to Patterson's.
Michael: I mean, I didn't hit him, did I?
Alex: You didn't just hit him. You beat the shit out of him.
Michael: What the hell were you doing?
Alex: Holding him down.
[Michael looks frantic]
Alex: Oh don't worry, I'm not gonna tell anybody.
Michael: *Tell* anybody? Jesus Christ, this guy is a colleague of mine!
Alex: Oh, don't worry about him! *He's* not gonna tell anyone. He knows you'd kill him if he did.
Michael: Wait a second... kill him?
Alex: Yeah. And if you didn't, I would. Told him that this morning... when I went to get the donuts.
Michael: Get out.
[Alex continues eating donuts]
Michael: GET OUT!

Michael: [to Alex] You know, you make a funny face when you come.

Alex: I'm sorry.
Michael: What?
Alex: Sorry.
Michael: Sorry? You - fuck you, you're sorry? Sorry about what? Killing Claire? Trying to kill my brother? Or maybe you're just sorry for holding a guy down while I beat him? Fuck you, you're sorry!

Michael Boll: No, you're gonna die with your mouth shut.
Alex: Then do it.
Alex: You can't... 'cause I never showed you how.

Alex: I never made you do anything that wasn't in you already. People are such hypocrites. They go through their whole lives to the day they die saying that they're innocent, but they're not innocent. I showed you that! That's why I killed Claire, Mick.
Michael: My name is Michael.
Michael: Did you get that?
Pismo Boll: [pops up with a camera] Every word
[suddenly slips]

Michael: [With a knife pressed against his Alex's neck] You're going to die with you're mouth shut

[Patterson realizes his section report is missing]
Patterson: Will you gentlemen excuse me for one moment? Right back.
[Leaves meeting and walks up to Michael]
Patterson: What have you done?
Michael: What do you mean?
Patterson: Oh, you know damn well what I mean. There are batting averages in my section report.
Michael: Batting averages? That seems strange. Are you sure they're not batting champions?
Patterson: I'm in a meeting, you swine, with Howard and two penchant funders. Where's my section report?
Michael: Where's my schedule 47?
Howard: [walking up from behind] Patterson, is everything alright?
Michael: Yes, Howard, fine.
Howard: Michael, I heard something was wrong with your schedule 47. Not true is it?
Michael: I don't know, I mean everything's all, you know, set, ready to roll.
Howard: Good, because so are we.
Patterson: Yes Howard, one moment.
[Howard walks away]
Patterson: Look, I'm not admitting to anything, of course.
Michael: Of course not.
Patterson: But, if you get me mine, I can see about getting yours back.
Michael: [Michael shakes his head]
Patterson: What do you want?
Michael: I want you to go down to your office...
Patterson: I'm in a meeting.
Michael: Go down to your office, and get my report back online in sixty seconds.
[Patterson walks away shocked]

[last lines]
Pismo Boll: So what are you gonna tell them?
Michael: I'm gonna tell them what happened.

[over loud live music]
Michael: Who is this band?
Alex: The Nymphs.
Michael: ...Nymphs!

Alex: Don't be mad.
Michael: I'm not mad.
Alex: Well, you might be in a minute. But just remember, I did this for you.
Michael: Did what for me?
[as Alex is walking away]
Michael: Did what for me?

Michael: Hey! You're the guy from the bar, right? The guy with the bottle. Why'd you leave so fast?
Alex: I didn't wanna stick around for thank yous.
Michael: Well, thank you anyway. Do you live around here?
Alex: [smirks] No.
Michael: Oh... well thank you, anyway.
[turns to leave]
Alex: Why didn't you back down?
Michael: Huh?
Alex: That guy told you to take a hike. Why didn't you?
Michael: I don't know.
Michael: I don't know. You know that, uh, voice that tells you what to do sometimes? I guess I listened to it.
Michael: Ah, that sounds stupid I suppose.
Alex: [smirks] I'm like that. And I always listen to it. My name's Alex. You wanna get a beer?

Alex: Tell me what you want, Mick.
Michael: Mick?
Alex: Tell me what you want, and tell me what you're afraid of.
Michael: Me and this guy Patterson are up for the same position of senior analyst. I want that job. I want that job so bad.
Alex: Done. Now tell me what you're afraid of.
Michael: I'm afraid of getting married.
Alex: That's easy, don't.
Michael: Yeah, well, I'm engaged.
Alex: [laughs] Why?
Michael: I didn't wanna lose her. I'm terrified of getting married.
Alex: Then drink to it. Make it happen.
Michael: Make it happen.