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Kate Rainwood (Character)
from An Innocent Man (1989)

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An Innocent Man (1989)
Kate Rainwood: They admitted to me that they framed Jimmie! What more do you want?
Detective John Fitzgerald, Internal Affairs LBPD: Secondhand conversations, Mrs. Rainwood, mean nothing. I told you that.
Kate Rainwood: All right... they threatened me. Parnell said that your department was shit, and that you're a...
Detective John Fitzgerald, Internal Affairs LBPD: A what?
Kate Rainwood: A punk nigger with his nose up the brass's ass.

Kate Rainwood: [Kate is visiting Virgil in prison] I'm here because we don't know what else to do. It's like they haunt Jimmie. And after they came to the house... we need your help. I mean, Jimmie's already introduced me to Malcolm, but he can only do so much.
Virgil Cane: Those assholes have been riding high so long they think the only thing that can take them down is kryptonite. Of course, they are peabrained, dickless shitheads.
[Kate laughs]
Virgil Cane: Which is definitely in our favor.
Virgil Cane: Definitely!
Kate Rainwood: You've been hoping for something like this, haven't you?
Virgil Cane: [smiling] Let's just say it makes my decade.
[turns serious]
Virgil Cane: I'll get exactly the information that you need and I'll reach out to you real soon.
Kate Rainwood: [impressed] You're just like Jimmie described you... a schemer and a charmer.
[Virgil smiles]
Kate Rainwood: Thanks for everything you did for him, Virgil.
[they stand up and shake hands]

Detective John Fitzgerald, Internal Affairs LBPD: [Kate has set up a meeting between Jimmie and Detective Fitzgerald at a beach location] Your wife tells me you have a plan to put Parnell and Scalise away for a long time.
Jimmie Rainwood: Yeah. Kate's told me good things about you. The problem is, you're a cop, like them.
Detective John Fitzgerald, Internal Affairs LBPD: I'm nothing at all like them. I'm only here because your wife asked me to come. You need a cop to make this thing stick. So if you have something, let's have it. Otherwise, forget it.
Jimmie Rainwood: All right, forget it.
[both turn to leave]
Kate Rainwood: Are you crazy? You won't be fit to live with unless we go through with this and you
[pointedly to Fitzgerald]
Kate Rainwood: have been walking around with a stiff neck whining about proof since the day I met you!
[to both]
Kate Rainwood: Now work the fucking thing out!
Jimmie Rainwood: [to Fitzgerald] What are you willing to do?
Detective John Fitzgerald, Internal Affairs LBPD: [sighs] At this point, almost anything.
Jimmie Rainwood: Look, with your help, we can get these guys dirty and put 'em away.
Detective John Fitzgerald, Internal Affairs LBPD: What do I get if I agree?
Jimmie Rainwood: You'll witness them buying cocaine.
Detective John Fitzgerald, Internal Affairs LBPD: [sarcastically] No shit.
Jimmie Rainwood: You be ready on a half hour's notice. I'll give you the time and place. Just you. No one else.
Detective John Fitzgerald, Internal Affairs LBPD: I'm gonna go along with you on this. But if you fuck up, and my ass ends up in a sling, you and I are going to go round and round.
Jimmie Rainwood: [smiles] Well, I guess I better not fuck up.

Kate Rainwood: [Parnell and Scalise show up at the Rainwoods' home unannounced after Jimmie's release] What are you doing here?
Detective Danny Scalise LBPD: Nice to see you again, Mrs. Rainwood.
Detective Danny Scalise LBPD: You're looking very good.
Detective Mike Parnell LBPD: [with false solicitude] We had to make another call in this part of town, and we thought we'd stop by.
Detective Danny Scalise LBPD: Mind if we sit down?
[takes seat]
Detective Mike Parnell LBPD: [to Rainwood] Sit down.
[to Kate]
Detective Mike Parnell LBPD: Honey, get us something cold to drink, will you?
Jimmie Rainwood: What the fuck's wrong?
Detective Mike Parnell LBPD: [yells] I told you to sit your ass down!
[stands toe-to-toe with Jimmie]
Detective Mike Parnell LBPD: [screaming] SIT DOWN! SIT DOWN!
[to Kate]
Detective Mike Parnell LBPD: Get us something cold to drink! Goddamnit!
Detective Danny Scalise LBPD: Why don't you go do that, Katie?
Detective Mike Parnell LBPD: What are you, some kind of a badass now, you did some time, huh? You can say 'fuck' and everything? Don't you ever come out of your mouth like a smartass with me! Rainwood... you know who you are? You are an ex-convict on parole, and you are owned by the state! The state believes the police! Not the ex-convict! Always!
Detective Danny Scalise LBPD: Jimmie, I don't want you to think we're picking on you.
[to Kate, who brings him a Coke]
Detective Danny Scalise LBPD: Thank you.
[to Jimmie]
Detective Danny Scalise LBPD: We do this to every parolee we've busted.
Detective Mike Parnell LBPD: It's kind of like preventative maintenance. Guys get weird ideas in the joint sometimes. But this call is special. You and your crusading cunt of a wife have caused us a lot of...
[Jimmie lunges at Parnell, Kate and Scalise restrain him]
Kate Rainwood: [yells] Jimmie, don't! Please don't!
Detective Mike Parnell LBPD: You wouldn't let it go and it got you shit! No, go ahead Katie. Try to save him like you couldn't do before. From now on, Rainwood, you are a model citizen. If we happen to say 'shit', you squat. Understand that, and it might keep you out of jail.
[Parnell and Scalise leave]