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Quotes for
Robert Reynard (Character)
from True Believer (1989)

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True Believer (1989)
Robert Reynard: Well, let's not drag the constitution into this.

Eddie Dodd: I must know one thing... how could you do it?
Robert Reynard: It was a trade-off, Mr. Dodd. I'd do it again.
Eddie Dodd: [to the judge] Your Honor... the defense rests.

Robert Reynard: I think you're a dangerous man, Mr. Dodd.
Eddie Dodd: I hope so, Mr. Reynard.

Robert Reynard: Why did I think I could reason with a man who defends coke pushers for free?
Eddie Dodd: No, no: coke dealers pay cash! That subsidizes the pot possession cases; they're free!