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Tommy Donnelly (Character)
from "The Black Donnellys" (2007)

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"The Black Donnellys: A Stone of the Heart (#1.2)" (2007)
Kevin Donnelly: [talking about where to dump Louie's body] What about the landfill? I mean we could sneak him in, put him under some garbage, they bury him for us.
Tommy Donnelly: The landfill on Staten Island?
Kevin Donnelly: Yeah
Tommy Donnelly: [sarcastically] So what, we just take the ferry? Just the three of us?
Kevin Donnelly: Okay, we stuff him in a furnace.
Tommy Donnelly: Our furnace?
Kevin Donnelly: No, of course not. Somebody elses.
Tommy Donnelly: So you know somebody who's got a furnace large enough for a body?
Kevin Donnelly: I'd have to think about it. Umm... How about a tub full of acid?
Tommy Donnelly: Kevin stop making suggestions you're really freaking me out.

Tommy Donnelly: Now we gotta get rid of a body in broad daylight.
Kevin Donnelly: Okay, so we'll wait 'til tonight.
Tommy Donnelly: Yeah, you're right Kevin, 'cause the smell of a rotting body is not gonna attract any attention. Let's wait.
Kevin Donnelly: Again with the sarcasm. I'm getting sick of it Tommy.

Dockey Farrell: Tommy, get in.
Tommy Donnelly: If you don't mind, I'd just like to walk.
Dockey Farrell: [to driver] Hey, put him in the trunk.
Tommy Donnelly: I'm getting in.

Kevin Donnelly: [after Tommy's just left a meeting with the Italians] How'd it go?
Tommy Donnelly: Like it went. What the hell is Joey Ice Cream doing here?
Kevin Donnelly: I have no idea.

Joey Ice Cream: Hey, you guys take off. I'll watch everything here.
Tommy Donnelly: Where the hell did you come from?
Joey Ice Cream: What? I've been here the whole time. Oh, and don't worry, mums the word. My lips are sealed.
Tommy Donnelly: You pay for that beer?
Joey Ice Cream: Yeah... Probably...

Tommy Donnelly: I should have told you last night. I love you.

Tommy Donnelly: Kevin, nobody saw us.
Kevin Donnelly: Yeah, what about the parking lot guy?
Tommy Donnelly: That was five blocks away.
Kevin Donnelly: Yeah, but he nodded at me.
Tommy Donnelly: So we should kill him?
Kevin Donnelly: No! No, of course not!
Kevin Donnelly: I mean, unless you think...
Tommy Donnelly: You gotta stop!

Tommy Donnelly: [to Shaun] Hey, Sean. For such a pretty boy you are one tough son of a bitch.

Tommy Donnelly: Are you wearing two jackets?
Kevin Donnelly: How do you mean?
Tommy Donnelly: [Tommy slowly reveals two jackets that Kevin is wearing] You are! I told you we had to get rid of what we we're wearing!
Kevin Donnelly: Yeah, but it's my favorite one.
Tommy Donnelly: Throw it out right now!
Kevin Donnelly: Aww, man!

Tommy Donnelly: You think you can just bail Jimmy out and suddenly he's not gonna be the guy who got us into all this crap? You wanna forget the fact that he shot Louie?
Kevin Donnelly: And how many people did we shoot last night, Tommy?
Tommy Donnelly: Because of Jimmy!

Tommy Donnelly: [to Kevin] You don't get it do you? We're screwed here.

Kevin Donnelly: [Tommy and Kevin are driving to Jersey to dump Louie's body]
[covering nose]
Kevin Donnelly: Damn, the stench of 'em. I feel like it's in my skin, drive faster.
Tommy Donnelly: And get stopped for a ticket? Smart.
Tommy Donnelly: Did you lock the door of the back of the bar?
Kevin Donnelly: While you were berating me or while I was digging a corpse out of the dumpster?
Tommy Donnelly: Nice sarcasm, isn't it?
Kevin Donnelly: Don't make me laugh, I'm still pissed at you.
Tommy Donnelly: [smiling] You're pissed at me!
Kevin Donnelly: Damn straight!

Tommy Donnelly: [to Kevin] This is the abandoned swamp with nothing around for miles and miles?
[camera pans to show giant hardware store]
Kevin Donnelly: The last time I was here. Yeah.

Tommy Donnelly: [Tommy and Kevin have some difficulty in stuffing Louie into a barrel] Yeah, now who's stupid, huh? Couldn't get a bigger barrel?
Kevin Donnelly: They don't make bigger barrels!

Tommy Donnelly: Come on, grab his legs again.
Kevin Donnelly: No! No, not until I know he's dead.
Tommy Donnelly: He's dead. That was just gas escaping from his body.
Kevin Donnelly: Then why did you jump?
Tommy Donnelly: Because you did!

Tommy Donnelly: [Louie's body is in a dumpster] Get in. I'll grab him on this side.
Kevin Donnelly: You get in.
Tommy Donnelly: I'm driving.
Kevin Donnelly: Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?
Tommy Donnelly: You don't get in, I don't drive.

Tommy Donnelly: [finding Louie's body] Damn it, Jimmy!

Tommy Donnelly: [in reference to the body] I mean how can he just dump it there? What the hell is he thinking?
Kevin Donnelly: Come on, where would you have put it?
Tommy Donnelly: Not in the dumpster behind our bar!

Nicky Cottero: Hey kid! Tell you brother Jimmy, I'm gonna be seeing him real soon.
Tommy Donnelly: That'd be great. He'd enjoy the visitor. Uh, didn't you hear? Jimmy was arrested yesterday. He's been in jail.

Tommy Donnelly: [speaking to his brothers] From now on, we only trust the people in this room.

Tommy Donnelly: [to Nicky] That money makes us even.

[last lines]
Tommy Donnelly: I'll let you know.
Dockey Farrell: Okay.

"The Black Donnellys: Pilot (#1.1)" (2007)
Tommy Donnelly: [Huey has just told Tommy that Jimmy and Kevin kidnapped Louie Downtown] Hey, Kevin!
Kevin Donnelly: Tommy, me and Jimmy went downtown with goodness in our hearts to work out a deal. But Louie starts threatening me, I mean, what was I supposed to do?
Tommy Donnelly: Kevin, everybody knows who did this. You kidnap somebody, they're not supposed to know who you are.
Kevin Donnelly: Tommy you think we're stupid? We wore masks.
Tommy Donnelly: You went down there with goodness in your hearts, but you wore masks?

Jenny Reilly: You know Kevin tried to borrow four thousand dollars from me today?
Tommy Donnelly: Oh, *four* thousand. No kiddin'.

Jenny Reilly: [Tommy furrows his brow] Problems?
Tommy Donnelly: Nah.
Jenny Reilly: Liar.

Tommy Donnelly: [Sean is in the Hospital] Thank you for coming.
Jenny Reilly: Where's your mother?
Tommy Donnelly: She's in the waiting room. We're just waiting to hear from the doctor.
Jenny Reilly: I brought some food from the restaurant.
Tommy Donnelly: Good. Maybe if we get some more we could open up a Deli.
Jenny Reilly: You know, when I heard about Sean the person who told me thought it was you. I thought, what if he dies, and he never knows that I loved him? Dumb, huh? I mean I'm a married woman nothing's ever going to happen, I just couldn't stand the idea of you dying and not knowing.

Tommy Donnelly: [Tommy walks outside to find Sean kissing the girl Tommy had just asked out] Hey! Hey Sean! What the hell are you doing?
Sean Donnelly: Are you guys like seeing each other? 'Cause I didn't know.

Jimmy Donnelly: [about Louie Downtown, who he and Kevin have just kidnapped] He's Sal Minetta's Nephew! So he's worth more right?
Tommy Donnelly: Jimmy, we gotta give him back.
Jimmy Donnelly: What we? You walked away. He's not your Italian, he's our Italian!

Tommy Donnelly: Is Joey Ice Cream bothering you?
Jenny Reilly: No, no. He's just concerned that with my husband out of town I might not be getting enough, so he invited me to the bathroom for a couple minutes.
Tommy Donnelly: Hey! Hey Joey get back here!

Detective Frankie Stein: How's Jimmy?
Tommy Donnelly: Jimmy's great.
Detective Frankie Stein: Yeah?
Tommy Donnelly: Why? What's up?
Detective Frankie Stein: Well, somebody stole a truck this morning in the garment district. The detective who caught the case, he asked me about Jimmy.
Tommy Donnelly: How could Jimmy steal a truck Frankie? He can't even drive.

Jimmy Donnelly: [after getting into the truck he stole] Hey Tommy, you like this shirt?
Tommy Donnelly: You ask me if I like that shirt?
Jimmy Donnelly: Yeah, 'cause I got a couple thousand more in the back.

Tommy Donnelly: [to Jimmy] If you're in that much pain, Jimmy, why don't you just jump off a roof?

Tommy Donnelly: [after leaving the bar and heading into the alleyway] What's this, the truck you didn't steal, Jimmy?
Jimmy Donnelly: Tommy, lighten up!
Tommy Donnelly: Get out of the truck. The cop's here.
Kevin Donnelly: Come on, you know Jimmy can't drive!
Tommy Donnelly: Neither can you! Get out of the truck!
Tommy Donnelly: [noticing a police car has parked in front of the alleyway where the stolen truck is] Son of a bitch! Get back in the truck!
Jimmy Donnelly: Now I should get in the truck.
Tommy Donnelly: Get back in the truck.

[Kevin, Tommy, Jimmy, and Sean are walking away after the deal to sell the stolen shirts went awry]
Kevin Donnelly: So, anybody got any idea how to get four thousand dollars?
Sean Donnelly: Ya hear what Bobby O and JJ McGrane did?
Sean Donnelly: They stole an Italian. Held him for ransom.
Tommy Donnelly: Where's Bobby O and JJ right now?
Sean Donnelly: I don't know. Attica, I think.
Tommy Donnelly: Right. See ya later.
[walks away, disgusted]

[fighting against Tommy after he tackled him down into a pile of muck]
Louie: You too, Tommy? What are you thinking? Listen to me, I'll talk to my uncle. Your brothers'll walk away with broken legs. And I'll throw in the five grand Kevin owes.
Tommy Donnelly: Five grand? Five grand?
[punches Louie out]

Joey Ice Cream: Now, Kevin had always thought of himself as a gambler. He always believed he was lucky. The fact that he'd never won a bet in his life somehow never dissuaded him of this notion.
Tommy Donnelly: Really, Kevin? $2,000? How could you lose $2,000 on jai alai? You don't even know what jai alai is, do you you? Why don't you show me? Show me how you play, Kevin.
Joey Ice Cream: Tommy had a knack for two things: drawing and getting his brothers out of trouble. What he didn't seem to understand is that he'd never go anywhere with the first if he couldn't let go of the second.

"The Black Donnellys: Lies (#1.5)" (2007)
Tommy Donnelly: What the hell are you doing here?
Nicky Cottero: Hi Tommy, nice to see you. Look at Seany up and around.
Tommy Donnelly: What the hell are you doing here?
Nicky Cottero: It's pay day. You got my money?
Tommy Donnelly: I told you already. You're not gonna get any money.
Nicky Cottero: See... That's what you don't know yet. I am gonna get my money... by midnight tonight. And you're the one that's gonna be giving it to me.
Tommy Donnelly: Don't get near my mother or anyone of my family again, you understand me?
Nicky Cottero: The way to avoid that... is to pay me my money.
Tommy Donnelly: You come here again, I'll kill you.
Nicky Cottero: You know where to find me, kid. Just bring a handful of cash.

Tommy Donnelly: Kevin, come here a minute.
Kevin Donnelly: I'm eating my cereal.
Tommy Donnelly: What, is it gonna get cold?
Kevin Donnelly: No, soggy. I hate it when that happens.

Tommy Donnelly: If I can't get that tuition money, Dokey, I'm gonna need to borrow twenty five hundred dollars.
Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: Tommy, tell me one person who would loan a kid like you that kind of money?
Tommy Donnelly: I was hoping you would.
Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: I'm afraid you got your head up your ass. But I'll tell you what I will do. I'll offer you a job.

Kevin Donnelly: [about Nicky] Tommy, let's rob someone and give him his money or let's kill him!
Tommy Donnelly: Kevin... relax.

Tommy Donnelly: [gesturing to the box in Nicky's hand] That pastry for your momma? Why don't you say hi for me. She lives upstairs right?

Tommy Donnelly: [about Samson] You sleep with him?
Jenny Reilly: Yeah.
Tommy Donnelly: You coulda lied to me.

Tommy Donnelly: Matthew's a good kid.
Kate Farrell: I always feel bad because he's an only-child. Must be great having a lot of brothers.
Tommy Donnelly: I don't know about great. But it's a lot of headache.

Tommy Donnelly: [to Dokey] You want me to rob from your sister in law?

Tommy Donnelly: We're gonna need some Scotch and a lot of it. But we're not gonna be able to pay for it just yet.
Liquor Store Owner: Get outta here.
Tommy Donnelly: I think you're gonna wanna give it to us.
Liquor Store Owner: Oh yeah? And why's that?
Tommy Donnelly: Because your daughter has a crush on Kevin. He's gonna date her if you don't.
Liquor Store Owner: [face drops]

"The Black Donnellys: Run Like Hell (#1.6)" (2007)
Tommy Donnelly: Where's Jimmy?
Joey Ice Cream: I don't know.
Tommy Donnelly: Do you want your ass kicked?
Joey Ice Cream: He's in the basement with Kevin.

Tommy Donnelly: Since when are you collecting bets for Louie Downtown?
Jimmy Donnelly: Since I found his phone down here covered in his brains.
Tommy Donnelly: What do you think the Italians are gonna do when they find out you're collecting Louie's bets? Money that's supposed to be going to them.
Jimmy Donnelly: To hell with the Italians.
[picks up a gun]
Jimmy Donnelly: This is for Eddie Maxwell.
Tommy Donnelly: Jimmy? Jimmy, hey! You're gonna shoot Jimmy Maxwell for money he owes Louie Downtown.
Jimmy Donnelly: It's my money! My money!
Tommy Donnelly: Come on, Jimmy.

Jimmy Donnelly: I'm building a business here, Tommy. I let Maxwell get away with that, don't you think the next guy isn't gonna try the same thing?
Tommy Donnelly: Are you really gonna shoot a guy we know all our lives over a stinking five hundred dollars he doesn't really owe you.

Jimmy Donnelly: [about Eddie Maxwell] Ten bets. Five hundred dollars a pop. Lost every bet. Guy makes Kevin look lucky.
Tommy Donnelly: What do you gotta say that for?

Tommy Donnelly: You look good.
[He kisses her on the cheek]
Tommy Donnelly: I'm jealous.
Mary Ann Maxwell: You had your shot.
Tommy Donnelly: Don't remind me.

Tommy Donnelly: You're not playing me again, are you?
Eddie Maxwell: I wouldn't lie to you Tommy.

Jimmy Donnelly: You want me to take twenty five hundred, on a five thousand dollar bet that Maxwell made?
Tommy Donnelly: It wasn't even your bet to begin with, Jimmy. It's a good deal.
Jimmy Donnelly: For you maybe, because you're the jerk who believes this guy.

Jenny Reilly: That's a lot of money.
Tommy Donnelly: Yeah.
Jenny Reilly: Where'd you get it?
Tommy Donnelly: I already said in the bathroom.
Jenny Reilly: Yeah, sure. I don't want your money.
Tommy Donnelly: It's not my money.
Jenny Reilly: What did you do? What did you do to get that money? Something terrible, right?
Tommy Donnelly: If you don't want the money, Jenny, you can burn it.

"The Black Donnellys: The World Will Break Your Heart (#1.4)" (2007)
Tommy Donnelly: We're hosting Jimmy's wake tonight.
Kevin Donnelly: What?
Tommy Donnelly: Kate Farrell came by this morning. She wants the wake to be here.
Kevin Donnelly: [to Tommy] Can I remind you that we killed her husband?

Tommy Donnelly: And we're going to get through this day together. Ain't, nobody's going to be suspicious unless we act suspicious.
Jimmy Donnelly: Did you go to school to get that stupid?

Jenny Reilly: You're throwing Huey's wake?
Tommy Donnelly: Yeah.
Jenny Reilly: Please tell me you know how wrong that is.

Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: I know that my brother came to talk to you in the hospital. I know that he sent his driver home. And he called a cab. And then he went straight to Sal's, alone. And he wouldn't do that, Tommy. So that tells me you know why.
Tommy Donnelly: I wish I did. I wish I could help you.
Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: I don't believe you.

Tommy Donnelly: [about why the liquor clerk is going to give them the alcohol] Your daughter has a crush on Kevin and if you don't do it, he's going to date her.

[last lines]
Tommy Donnelly: [as he watches Jenny leaving with Sampson at Huey's wake] I think if you can remember what a person meant to you and hold onto that feeling... I think you can survive a time like this.

Young Tommy: How did you get naked photos of her?

"The Black Donnellys: God Is a Comedian (#1.3)" (2007)
Jimmy Donnelly: Plead guilty?
Tommy Donnelly: Frankie's tight with the DA. You're not gonna do a day in jail.
Jimmy Donnelly: It's really nice of you and Frankie to take care of me like this. Do I say thank you before I plead guilty or after?

Tommy Donnelly: The only way we get out of this is if nobody talks. Understand me. More people who know, the more chance it has of getting out.
Jimmy Donnelly: I'm not people. I'm your brother.

Kevin Donnelly: [on the phone] Slow down, Ma. You're talking fast, I can't hear you.
Tommy Donnelly: Kevin, what's wrong with her?
Kevin Donnelly: I don't know, Tommy.
Tommy Donnelly: Is there a problem with Sean?
Kevin Donnelly: I don't know, Tommy. I can't hear Ma because you're talking while she's talking!

Tommy Donnelly: Can we meet up later, maybe talk a little bit?
Jenny Reilly: I don't think so. I gotta get back to work.
Tommy Donnelly: Come on, Jenny.
Jenny Reilly: It's hard enough for me to say it the first time. I don't wanna have to do it again.

[to Kevin, speaking of the unplugged freezer with the spoiled food in it]
Tommy Donnelly: What the hell is this? Huh? It's unplugged.
Kevin Donnelly: I think Jimmy's using the outlet for his drill. He's building a birdhouse.
Tommy Donnelly: A birdhouse? Beautiful.
[coming down the stairs to the basement]
Jimmy Donnelly: Where are all my damn guns?
Tommy Donnelly: Why do you need a gun, Jimmy? Did you catch a bird in your birdhouse?
Jimmy Donnelly: At least I can build something. All you can do is screw everything up!

[leaving the jail with Tommy after visiting Jimmy]
Kevin Donnelly: Didn't you see what he looked like in there?
Tommy Donnelly: He's a junkie! We bail him out and five minutes later he's gonna be shooting up again!
Kevin Donnelly: You think he won't score dope in there?
Tommy Donnelly: Not if he doesn't have any money! You give him any money? Did you give any money?
Kevin Donnelly: It's real easy for you to stand out here and judge him.
Tommy Donnelly: You want him to die, Kevin? Hmm? We leave him where he is. Don't borry any money, don't go to a bail bondsman. Nothing. Nothing!
Kevin Donnelly: [looks defeated]

"The Black Donnellys: The Only Thing Sure (#1.7)" (2007)
[last lines]
Tommy Donnelly: [to Jenny] It's okay.

Michael: [talking to Tommy about the money Kevin owes him] You wanna know why I never went after him?
Tommy Donnelly: Because then me and my brothers would go after you.
Michael: I don't loan money to nobody I can't beat up.

Jimmy Donnelly: [talking about Kevin failing to collect debts] I don't know what he did, or how he did it, but Kevin screwed up.
Tommy Donnelly: There's a twist.

Tommy Donnelly: [Kevin hits a guy who owes them money] What do you have to hit him for, Kevin?
Kevin Donnelly: That's what you do, Tommy. I don't know what to tell ya. What, do you think he's just gonna give us the money?
[scoffs at Tommy]
Kevin Donnelly: What universe do you live in?
[kicks the guy again]
Tommy Donnelly: Kevin!
Kevin Donnelly: Tommy, what do you want from me!?
[the guy hands over the money]
Kevin Donnelly: See?

Tommy Donnelly: [to Kevin] I don't know anything about horses, but I know. For a lucky guy, Kevin, you're the worst gambler in the world.

"The Black Donnellys: In Each One a Savior (#1.8)" (2007)
Sean Donnelly: [about Sean's new car] Hey, hey, hey. What do you think?
Tommy Donnelly: You pay money for this thing?
Sean Donnelly: Yeah, two thousand, got a great deal.
Tommy Donnelly: Dollars?
Sean Donnelly: Plus, he gave me a free driver's license.

Tommy Donnelly: Mrs. McCready, I can't help you.
Mrs. McCready: But your Dad cared about people.
Tommy Donnelly: [sharply] What?
Mrs. McCready: Your Father would never turn his back on a friend. I'm sorry for you that you never learned that from him.

Tommy Donnelly: [upon being told Mrs. McCready is a drug dealer] You're a liar.
Jimmy Donnelly: Yeah, you're right. I'm lying. Probably not, but the same old Mrs. McCready who lives in the apartment 2C in the old flats. 'Cause if you kicked some gangster ass for that old bitch, that'd be the jackass move of the month.

Kate Farrell: [on the phone] Hi, it's Kate. Can I speak to Tommy?
Kevin Donnelly: [to Kate] Yeah, hold on. I'll see if he's here.
[barely covers phone and asks Tommy who is lying in bed]
Kevin Donnelly: It's Kate. You wanna talk to her?
Tommy Donnelly: Nice, Kevin. Like she doesn't really know I'm here now.

Tommy Donnelly: You extorting money from Jenny? From her Father?
Jimmy Donnelly: It's business, Tommy. It's the habit.

"The Black Donnellys: All of Us Are in the Gutter (#1.9)" (2007)
Tommy Donnelly: When the Pope calls me, I'll clean his toilet.