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Tayler Geddes (Character)
from "McLeod's Daughters" (2001)

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"McLeod's Daughters: Twenty Questions (#6.32)" (2006)
Tayler Geddes: get away from me
Regan McLeod: You were going to torture my room
Tayler Geddes: All those nice things, you don't deserve them you don't deserve anything
Regan McLeod: Am gonna call the cops
Tayler Geddes: What you think I care after what you've already done to me
Regan McLeod: What are you talking about?
Tayler Geddes: I watched you, everyday, you just sat there, you never cried, you never looked like you cared about what you'd done, you never looked at me an any of us not even once
Regan McLeod: I don't understand
Tayler Geddes: And then it was all over, they said she'd done nothing wrong, you walked out of the inquest and got on with your life, but I went home to nothing, just nobody.
Regan McLeod: Oh my god the mine accident
Tayler Geddes: I'm Tayler Geddes, you killed my dad
Regan McLeod: Taylor I am so sorry
Tayler Geddes: No I want you to know what that feels like, I want you to hurt, and I want your life to be hell too.
Regan McLeod: Right It was you who wrecked the car and the fence
Tayler Geddes: You have to pay for what you did, he was all I had left and you took him
Regan McLeod: You have no idea how terrible I felt about what happened
Tayler Geddes: No don't, this isn't how its supposed to be, you were meant to be a monster, you weren't supposed to be nice, I want to hate you, just let me hate you please
Regan McLeod: Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
Tayler Geddes: I miss him, I miss him so much
Regan McLeod: I've got you
Tayler Geddes: I miss him so much