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Quotes for
Emma Moriarty (Character)
from Murphy's Romance (1985)

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Murphy's Romance (1985)
[about his birthday cake]
Emma: Okay, what is it? How old are you, Murphy?
Murphy: Just set the damn thing on fire!

Murphy: It might be the ball cock.
Emma: Most problems start there.

Murphy: I'm in love for the last time in my life.
Emma: I'm in love for the first time in my life.

Emma: Stay to supper, Murphy?
Murphy: I won't do that unless I'm still here at breakfast.
Emma: How do you like your eggs?

Emma: Don't you know you can't fight City Hall?
Murphy: You can wrestle 'em!

Emma: Well, you got a fine horse. Where are you going to keep him?
Murphy: With you.
[he walks on as Emma stops in her tracks]
Emma: Oh.

Emma: [after being turned down for a loan by the bank] I'd go out on the streets, but you've only got one.

Emma: [at the hospital, looking at the babies in the maternity ward] Any of them yours?
Murphy: I told you, I go out of town.

Emma: [to Jake, after telling him she's going to ask Bobby Jack to leave] You sure have had a short childhood.

Bobby Jack Moriarty: I just ain't had enough good times yet.
Emma: Well, the party's over, my friend. Someone just handed you the check.

Bobby Jack Moriarty: God, does everybody have to put their head down and slog?
Emma: Most people do.

Bobby Jack Moriarty: I'm a born again Christian!
Emma: Well, I sure hope they don't pass you the collection plate.

Jake Moriarity: Can I have a beer?
Emma: In about 5 years you can!