Joe Anton
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Joe Anton (Character)
from Night After Night (1932)

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Night After Night (1932)
Frankie Guard: You'll happen to have some visitors one of these nights.
Joe Anton: Heh, heh! Well, that's really funny! Will you do me a favor, Frankie?
Frankie Guard: Sure, Joe, anytime.
Joe Anton: Will you tell Gaston and his mob the sooner they come around, the better I'll like it? You know these quiet evenings are getting on my nerves, and a little excitement would be as welcome as the flowers in May.
Frankie Guard: I'll tell him that, Joe.
Joe Anton: Don't forget.
Frankie Guard: Leave it to me, and speaking of flowers, what sort would you prefer?
Joe Anton: Oh, anything at all except pansies.
Frankie Guard: Your last wish will be fulfilled...

Joe Anton: If I was a pirate and I had you on my ship, I wouldn't throw you to the crew.

Joe Anton: The way she sits, she stands out.
Leo: Oh, I get it. She's one of those standing and sitting ladies.

Miss Jerry Healy: How dare you!
Joe Anton: Ha-ha! Our old friend "How dare you."

Joe Anton: 'Keep off the grass' is written all over her.

Joe Anton: You think you'd come over here if you didn't want me? This rough-housing the place is just a fancy way of putting it.

Leo: I'll bet ya ten bucks you never see her again.
Joe Anton: You're on !
Leo: I'm on - and you're off your nut.