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Sam Nico (Character)
from Wonderland (2003)

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Wonderland (2003)
Louis Cruz: Jesus Christ!
Sam Nico: Close, Eddie Nash.

Sam Nico: He's dicking us around. A mile of dick and no balls.

Louis Cruz: Wait a minute... John Holmes? Thee John Holmes? Johnny Wadd partyed at Wonderland?
David Lind: All the time. The guy is a fucking coke head. He's up to his neck in this shit.
Sam Nico: All right, who's John Holmes?
Louis Cruz: The porn king. Sam, the guy's a legend.
Sam Nico: Never heard of him.

Billy Ward: You know, I've known John almost ten years. And while I'll admit that we haven't spent much time together lately, the John I know just isn't capable of...
Sam Nico: I don't know who you know or don't know. All I know is that the cocksucker in the other room there is a basehead. And the one thing you can always know about a basehead is that they are completely full of shit.

Sam Nico: [arguing after John's told his side of the Wonderland story] Four people get their heads bashed in and there's not a single witness? No, no, he was in that house as sure as Christ was on the cross. He did it! John Holmes killed all four of those people by himself! There were 38 sets of different prints lifted.
Billy Ward: Any one of which could be our guy!
Sam Nico: Including a left hand palm print, palm down, on the bed rail not two feet from Ron Lanius' head.
Billy Ward: Wait a minute. Are you trying to tell me you think he swung the pipe?
Sam Nico: Either he was trying to kill him or trying to screw him.