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Quotes for
Donald D'Arby (Character)
from "Traders" (1996)

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"Traders: Rumours (#1.9)" (1996)
Dirk Honing: Well, I own some land outside the city. Very attractive land. And I want to build a sanctuary on that land. A UFO sanctuary. Complete with a landing pod, and both sound and light tractor beams to alert the extra-terrestrials as to the sanctuary's existence.
Donald D'Arby: Hunh. Well, um. we do have some real estate deals under our belts. This should be, uh...
Jack Larkin: Donald. How about a word? Outside.

Donald D'Arby: How can I establish any comparables for a UFO sanctuary?

Dirk Honing: We are talking about receiving dignitaries on their first official visit to Earth! Did Eisenhower receive Kruschkev at a theme park? Did Reagan receive Gorbachev at a theme park?
Donald D'Arby: Yeah, actually. Yes, he did.

Donald D'Arby: I have to be able to stand on my own two feet, though, don't I?
Jack Larkin: That's pretty tough if somebody's sawing your legs off at the knees.

"Traders: Into That Good Night (#1.8)" (1996)
[Marty gets a set of handcuffs as a welcome-back present]
Adam Cunningham: Hope they're the right size.
Donald D'Arby: How would Sally know where to find something like that?
Monika Barnes: Asked research.

Grant Jansky: Marty's back.
Donald D'Arby: Yep.
Grant Jansky: Huge aura.

Adam Cunningham: Two minutes. Well, either I have grossly underestimated you or you just got shot down.
Sally Ross: I don't understand it.
Adam Cunningham: Well, why not? You have no reputation on the street - that takes years to build.
Donald D'Arby: Didn't take Jack years.

Donald D'Arby: You failed because you have no reputation, that's true.
Sally Ross: I really, really hope this is going somewhere.

"Traders: Bad Is Good (#1.3)" (1996)
Adam Cunningham: Damn it, D'Arby. What did you think you were doing over there?
Donald D'Arby: I believe you told me to, uh, take notes, to keep my mouth shut, and to make you look good.
Adam Cunningham: Two out of three.

Jack Larkin: He's paranoid. Sees me as a threat. Thinks I'm gonna cost him his career.
Donald D'Arby: Is he right?
Jack Larkin: Let's hope so.

Jack Larkin: So we do Navadyne first.
Donald D'Arby: Then we can't do Brit Rail.
Jack Larkin: [screams] I don't want to do Brit Rail!
Donald D'Arby: But the Queen wants you to, and it's not good for our reputations to upset Her Majesty.
Jack Larkin: I'm gonna kill Cunningham.

"Traders: Pennies from Heaven (#1.2)" (1996)
Donald D'Arby: Uh, pardon me, but I've found that before you find a buyer you generally have to find something for them to buy, Jack.
Jack Larkin: Tips like that make you indispensable, Donald.

Jack Larkin: Nice try at aggression back there, Donald.
Donald D'Arby: I guess you have something to teach me about lying, as well?

Donald D'Arby: Solid management, cash rich. They just got an order from France for a new fleet of jets, and you can forget about them. Susannah warned me--the CEO, he won't talk to anybody, won't see anybody. The guy, he's a total recluse. And I already tried calling him.
[Jack gets up and grabs his coat.]
Donald D'Arby: And you want me to drive.

"Traders: From Russia with Love (#1.6)" (1996)
Jack Larkin: This scud's for you.
Donald D'Arby: I thought Adam wanted you to handle it, Jack.
Jack Larkin: He failed to take into account the fact that I don't like diving into sewage.