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Chris Todson (Character)
from "Traders" (1996)

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"Traders: Into That Good Night (#1.8)" (1996)
Chris Todson: From now on, I park where I want, when I want. They probated Grandad's will last night.
Benny Siedleman: And he left you curbside property?
Chris Todson: Better. I scored his handicapped sticker.

Marty Stephens: You know the building manager?
Chris Todson: No.
Marty Stephens: Little short guy. Curly hair.
Chris Todson: Oh, yeah. The goof.

Jim Swan: Marty's back.
Chris Todson: Who cares? I've been hearing that all day.
Marty Stephens: [standing right behind him] Marty's back on the floor, Chris.

Chris Todson: I had a disabled friend in high school
OSC Investigator: I had a friend in high school who was an asshole.
Chris Todson: [sputters] Please, I'm not an asshole. I'm a nice guy. I just act like an asshole sometimes. I don't know why. I'm not gonna do it again. Please. This is all I've ever wanted to do.
OSC Investigator: Well. Given your change in attitude and what Mr. Kemper has told me about you, I'd be quite willing to sweep this whole, unfortunate incident under the rug. Except...
Chris Todson: Except what? What?
OSC Investigator: If only you hadn't forgotten the one thing that all traders must live by. The cardinal rule that says...
[He gets out of the wheelchair]
OSC Investigator: ...Marty's back!

Chris Todson: I can't believe I didn't recognize the guy from accounting.

"Traders: From Russia with Love (#1.6)" (1996)
Chris Todson: Five hundred says he's leaving her.
Benny Siedleman: Done.
Ayn Krywarik: Do the words "bad taste" mean anything to you?
Benny Siedleman: Bad... taste...?
Ayn Krywarik: Two-to-one she gets custody.

Adam Cunningham: Fifteen minutes ago, over the cotton fields of Georgia, there was a heavy rainstorm. Turned into hail. Only one analyst predicted that occurrence, and only one firm had the opportunity to profit from that information. Do you know who that firm was?
Chris Todson: Gardner Ross.
Adam Cunningham: Oh, that's very astute. Not many people would know that, seeing as only one person from Gardner Ross managed to profit from that information.
Chris Todson: Ayn?
Adam Cunningham: Bingo.

Monika Barnes: You would bet on anything, wouldn't you?
Chris Todson: With the right odds, yeah.
Monika Barnes: You're an asshole.

"Traders: Bad Is Good (#1.3)" (1996)
Jim: Monica just confirmed it. Extensive flooding in Capetown.
Chris Todson: Billions of dollars of damage.
Marty Stephens: And the Jo'burg exchange is through the floor, and the beat goes on.

Chris Todson: [completely flat voice] Quite a theory you've got there, yeah, nobody else suspects a thing. Yeah, you've really got me over a barrel. Look, why don't you just sell me the shares, you're probably late for a Mensa meeting or something.

"Traders: Rumours (#1.9)" (1996)
Chris Todson: I don't see the Sally brigade having the guts to lay anyone off.

Chris Todson: Basic rules of the game, Jimmy Boy. Buy on rumour, sell on fact. I needed a good rumour.
Jim Swan: Planting one?
Chris Todson: Why, you don't think a wire service would go to press without checking their sources, do you?

"Traders: Options (#1.1)" (1996)
Chris Todson: Now we know how the Czechs felt in 1968.

Marty Stephens: Chris, what's the damage?
Chris Todson: A little over four million.
Marty Stephens: Chris, what way?
Chris Todson: [scoffing] Our way.