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Winston (Character)
from Silkwood (1983)

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Silkwood (1983)
Winston: These pills don't look like enemas to me.
Karen Silkwood: Winston, do you know what these are? These are little tiny time capsules, like the ones you see on TV. They clear up your nasal passages for up to twelve... hours straight...
[Karen sneezes into her hand loudly, then wipes it on Winston's lab coat]
Karen Silkwood: Excuse me.
Winston: God bless you.

Winston: It doesn't matter whether you work in plutonium or dog food because they ain't gonna give you a thing, there's nowhere left to go! You close this plant down and then what? You're gonna be up in Washington, but we're gonna be down here outta work! Your cancer's a maybe, that's all it is, a maybe...

[Drew sees Winston standing outside, gawking at Karen and Dolly's quarantined home]
Drew Stephens: What are you doing here?
Winston: Just looking around... same as you.
[Winston bounces his empty beer can off the front porch and leaves it in the grass. Drew walks past him and Winston smiles, but suddenly Drew turns around and punches him in the side of the head]

Karen Silkwood: What's that?
Winston: ...Well, what do you want with it?
[Karen licks his finger and dips it in Winston's sandwich]
Karen Silkwood: Mystery meat, hmm?
Winston: There's no mystery!