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Quotes for
Drew Stephens (Character)
from Silkwood (1983)

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Silkwood (1983)
Drew Stephens: Sweetheart, it's like you're two people. I'm in love with one of them. But the other one is just...
Karen Silkwood: A real pain in the ass.

[first lines]
Man on the intercom: Name?
Karen Silkwood: Karen Silkwood.
Drew Stephens: Drew Stephens.
Dolly Pelliker: Dolly Pelliker.

Karen Silkwood: What should I wear on the plane?
Angela: Uh, somethin' that won't wrinkle!
Drew Stephens: Yeah, like a shroud, maybe!
Angela: I get sooooo tired of yer jokes...

Drew Stephens: [about Dolly and Angela having sex] Make enough noise there, Dolly?
Dolly Pelliker: You two ain't exactly a silent movie yourselves.

[Drew sees Winston standing outside, gawking at Karen and Dolly's quarantined home]
Drew Stephens: What are you doing here?
Winston: Just looking around... same as you.
[Winston bounces his empty beer can off the front porch and leaves it in the grass. Drew walks past him and Winston smiles, but suddenly Drew turns around and punches him in the side of the head]

Karen Silkwood: [about her kids] I had 'em in the car... I could've just driven away with 'em and headed straight for Oklahoma...
Drew Stephens: What would you have done with them?
Karen Silkwood: ...I don't know...