Rose Ratliff
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Rose Ratliff (Character)
from Big Business (1988)

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Big Business (1988)
Rose Shelton: I hate my job... I hate shopping... I hate New York in June. How about you?

Sadie Ratliff: Isn't it exciting?
Rose Ratliff: Oh yeah, the noise, the smog, the crowds, the muggers, sex fiends, white slavers, politicians, it's a pistol. I got about as much use for it as a toad has for spit curls!

Sadie Shelton: Do you want one of the board members to see you? They'll say you're a sniffling hysterical pre-periodic twit!
Rose Shelton: I have a right to my own feelings Sadie and I am not a twit. I may be pre-periodic and I may be hysterical. So what?
Sadie Shelton: So there are drugs for those things and we make most of them!

Rose Ratliff: [after giving a speech] And I've said my piece. Amen!

Sadie Shelton: My God it's me with a bad haircut.
Sadie Ratliff: Bad? I paid twelve bucks for this.
Rose Ratliff: I am gonna kick your ass!

Judy: [assuming she is speaking to Rose Shelton] Hi, Rose, how's Duke doing?
Rose Ratliff: Duke! My dog? Boy, when you go snoopin' into people's lives you don't miss a trick do you?

Sadie Ratliff: That's what the French call a bedet.
Rose Ratliff: Well, those French must be taller than me.

Rose Shelton: I had other plans this evening.
Sadie Shelton: I know what your plans were, to hold up in your room and make love to the pastry cart. Now put down the éclair and get down there.

Sadie Shelton: The most fiscally prudent action at this point is to take an aggressive posture and divest ourselves of Hollow-o-Made. It's a little backwards furniture factory. They actually still make porch rockers. Now, the opportunities for expansion are virtually nil and the buyer has offered us a most attractive price. So, you can see gentlemen, that were we to liquidate Hollow-o-Made; the return on our investment would; in fact, be... quadrupled.
Rose Shelton: Well, the liquidation. I mean aren't there other considerations? May I make a point? I'm sitting, listening here and what I'm feeling... ah... deeply inside. I... I mean what, what it is, I. Things are just not computing exactly right. I mean I'm sorry.
Sadie Shelton: Gentlemen, help yourself to danish.
[walks over to Rose]
Sadie Shelton: How many times have I told you not to talk about things which you don't understand.