Old Hop
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Old Hop (Character)
from The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

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The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)
Old Man Hop: [to Jason] You been watching too much Hong Kong Phooey...

Old Man Hop: [pushing the staff into Jake's hands] here! Take it! Return it to its owner!

[Hop is assisted by paramedics onto a stretcher]
Jason Tripitikas: How is he?
Paramedic: Bullet missed his heart. He'll live.
Old Man Hop: [whispering, only Jake hears him] Of course I'll live. I'm immortal.
[Hop beckons Jake to his side]
Old Man Hop: Did you return that thing I gave you?
Jason Tripitikas: Yeah, I did.
Old Man Hop: You the man.

Old Man Hop: Only storage back here.
Jason Tripitikas: Where did you get this?

Jason Tripitikas: What's going on? Hop?
Old Man Hop: You back again.
Jason Tripitikas: Oh, Sick!
Old Man Hop: Find good one?