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Palmer (Character)
from Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005)

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Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005)
Palmer: Okay... I've found my other pocket. Alright, you listen to me, this is your last chance. I have a certified check for one hundred thousand dollars... and if you take this offer I'll give your dad his job back. Can't believe it, Crane's have finally won one.
Cale Crane: [Cale takes the check and looks back at her dad] Dad?
Ben Crane: If it was me I'd tell him to take his money and his empty trailer and get the hell off our farm. But... that's just me...
Cale Crane: So you're running the big colt Goliath's Boy in the classic?
Palmer: That's right. Goliath's Boy is the favorite. And when he wins the cup it'll be my fifth horse of the year.
Cale Crane: Do you think Goliath's Boy remembers what Sonya's butt looks like?
Palmer: Why?
Cale Crane: 'Cause that's all he's gonna be seeing of her on race day.

Ben Crane: You don't care about anybody, do you? Horses or people.
Palmer: Well, in fact, I do, Ben. And that's why I'm giving you the opportunty to find a new job.
Ben Crane: Are you firing me?
Palmer: That's right. You can take your Mexicans with you.
Ben Crane: They're men, Palmer. They got names.

Chairman: Is Mr. Cale Crane here?
Cale Crane: I'm Cale Crane.
Palmer: Why don't you stand up?
Chairman: Miss Cale Crane.

Palmer: [to Ben] You were the best horseman I know for the worst flock. And I can't afford to have it in my stable.