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Saul Panzer (Character)
from "A Nero Wolfe Mystery" (2000)

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"A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Disguise for Murder (#1.7)" (2001)
Saul Panzer: [speaking of security at the flower show] You should put your foot down, Archie. From the security standpoint with all his enemies in New York, just let people walk in?
Archie Goodwin: Security's simple. You just don't let in anyone who's not wearing pearls.

Saul Panzer: I was watching Archie talking to a man. Archie asked the man his name; the man stormed out. It was Malcolm Vedder.
Inspector Cramer: How did you know what his name was?
Saul Panzer: I checked him in.
Inspector Cramer: You saw him once.
Saul Panzer: I was working the door. I did my job.
Inspector Cramer: [pauses and puts unlit cigar in his mouth, then growls around it] I don't believe you.
Saul Panzer: [With finality] Mr. Wolfe does. Archie does.

"A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Door to Death (#1.8)" (2001)
Nero Wolfe: [after he has fallen while tangled in brush] It was as if a serpent had entangled my legs!
Archie Goodwin: Get up. Get up. GET UP!
Nero Wolfe: Did you see that? Did you witness that? Saul?
Saul Panzer: Yeah, I saw it, Mr. Wolfe. He went for 'ya.

"A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Eeny, Meeny, Murder, Moe (#1.6)" (2001)
Saul Panzer: [During poker game] Why do you always do that?
Orrie Cather: What?
Saul Panzer: You lose, you keep losing, and yet you bet.
Lon Cohen: You know why?
[faking Irish accent]
Lon Cohen: As me old mother used to say, "You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her
[glares at Orrie]
Lon Cohen: think."

"A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Death of a Doxy: Part 1 (#2.1)" (2002)
Nero Wolfe: If Orrie killed that woman, we are not obliged to thwart the agents of justice. If he didn't kill her, I have an obligation I can't ignore. You know I have no affection for him. The question is, is he capable of murder? Did he kill this woman? Fred. You have known Orrie longer than I have. What do you say?
Fred Durkin: Jesus.
Archie Goodwin: Oh, that's helpful. Did he kill her?
Fred Durkin: I say he didn't.
Nero Wolfe: Is that your considered opinion?
Fred Durkin: To be honest, no. Orrie has always done whatever he felt like with women, and they've let him. So if this Isabel Kerr got in his way, really blocked it... Well, I don't know. I mean I think I know. He didn't.
Nero Wolfe: That's hardly decisive. Saul?
Saul Panzer: No.
Nero Wolfe: Is that an opinion, or a gesture?
Saul Panzer: A conclusion. Make it fifty to one. I'm not saying I'm superior to Archie. He's just not conceited enough to see it.
Nero Wolfe: Pfui. That is flummery.
Saul Panzer: No, sir. Say he did plan to kill her. That means when he planned the break-in with Archie on Friday night, he was setting Archie up to find the body. There's no way that he would deliberately arrange to sit facing him and frame a deal like that.
Archie Goodwin: All right, cross it off. Let's say he went there Saturday morning, no matter why. And she stung him. And he flipped.
Saul Panzer: And he killed her. Okay. He goes back to his tailing job. Mr. Wolfe, did Archie get any phone calls yesterday?
Nero Wolfe: No.
Saul Panzer: Yeah. That's what settles it.
Archie Goodwin: Good. Wonderful. Explain.
Saul Panzer: What is Orrie's worst fault?
Archie Goodwin: He pushes.
Saul Panzer: Exactly. And you called him. If he had killed her he wouldn't wait for you to call, he would have pushed. He would have called you. Damn it, he's not some stranger that we have to guess about; we know him like a book. Mr. Wolfe, if you want to use me, it's on me, expenses included. I have no more affection for Orrie than you have, but I would want to back up my vote.
Fred Durkin: Me too. I voted no.
Archie Goodwin: The trouble is, I'm personally involved. But I would hate to embarrass Saul, so I guess I'll have to switch and vote no, too.
Nero Wolfe: Grrrhhh.
Archie Goodwin: [voiceover] It was hard to take. The idea of working for nothing.