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Laura Prescott (Character)
from "A Fine Romance" (1981)

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"A Fine Romance: First Meeting (#1.1)" (1981)
Mike Selway: Let's, uh, let's talk about you. Helen said you were a linguist.
Laura Dalton: Yes, I translate things. It's all pretty boring.
Mike Selway: Oh, no, I'm sure it's not. What are you translating at the moment?
Laura Dalton: A German textbook on urinary infections.

Helen Barker: You know I've always envied your intelligence. Dad used to say, "Helen, you've got the beauty but your sister's got the brains."
Laura Dalton: How *dare* you stand there in your Janet Reger underwear and tell me I'm cleverer than you are?
Helen Barker: Well, you are!
Laura Dalton: Well, I don't want to be cleverer than you are! I want to stand there in Janet Reger underwear!

Helen Barker: Laura, do you practice conversation-killers like that?
Laura Dalton: I don't have any small talk. I don't even have any medium talk. Just let me go round offering the sausages and I won't ever refer to them again as dead pigs.

"A Fine Romance: Unlucky in Love (#1.4)" (1981)
Laura Dalton: I don't like obscene telephone calls, so I'm going to hang up now, because if I go on any longer this is going to become one.

Saleslady: I definitely think Madam would turn heads.
Laura Dalton: People asphyxiating usually do. It's no good, I've got to get out of it. And bring your crowbar.

"A Fine Romance: The Restaurant (#1.3)" (1981)
Mike Selway: You're not Women's Lib, are you?
Laura Dalton: No! Well, not unless it suits me.

Mike Selway: It's a knack, making something out of nothing, and I haven't got it.
Laura Dalton: You weren't looking for a contradiction, were you?

"A Fine Romance: A Trip to the Dentist (#2.2)" (1982)
[Laura is high on nitrous oxide from the dentist]
Laura Dalton: Do you know where I'd like to go? Torquay.
Mike Selway: No, not tonight.
Laura Dalton: I knew a little dog in Torquay. He could hear perfectly well with his one ear.