Sondra Walker
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Sondra Walker (Character)
from Frantic (1988)

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Frantic (1988)
[first lines]
Sondra Walker: Do you know where you are?
Richard Walker: No, it's changed too much.

Richard Walker: Nice. Nice fruits.
Sondra Walker: Well, I would have prefered flowers.
Richard Walker: [viewing Paris from their hotel room] Nice view.
Sondra Walker: It's magnificent. It should look exceptionally lovely from the Eiffel Tower this afternoon where you and Dr. Alembert can share it together. I want to take a hot shower. But first, let me have the note so I can confirm your luncheon.
Richard Walker: What for?
Sondra Walker: You can't speak French or use the phones.
Richard Walker: I'm not gonna go! Don't confirm the luncheon.
Sondra Walker: Why not? You did tell Maurice Alembert that you were arriving a day early, didn't you?
Richard Walker: Honey...
Sondra Walker: Oh Richard, you obviously want to see him. C'mon. Please give me the note. Richard...
Richard Walker: I didn't tell when I was coming. Maurice Alembert, Maurice Alembert happens to be the chairman of the convention.
Sondra Walker: Richard, give me the note.
[Richard plays with her, hiding the note on his hands]
Sondra Walker: Give me the, give me...
[he eats the note]
Sondra Walker: Oh. Richard, don't swallow, you're gonna choke.
Richard Walker: Now she says...
Sondra Walker: Well, at least let me get you some water to wash it down.
Richard Walker: Maurice Alembert doesn't give a rat's ass about me. Not since he saw you at the Berkeley seminar last year. "Be sure to bring your lovely wife to Paris".
Sondra Walker: Was he the one with the long legs who took his shoes off when he spoke?
Richard Walker: [smiling] Never mind.