Angelica Bullock
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Angelica Bullock (Character)
from My Man Godfrey (1936)

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My Man Godfrey (1957)
Angelica: Attention, please! How many here think that we are animals?

Irene: She called him a creep! And you know what you said you'd do to her the next time she was rude to somebody.
Mr. Bullock: You bet I remember. I said I - hey, it was *you* I said that to.
Angelica: It was not. It was me. And I've never been so humiliated in my life! You said it was stupid of me to go to the opera in weather like this without long underwear.
Mr. Bullock: *You* said that to *me*, and in front of all those people!
Angelica: And if that isn't humiliating, I don't know what is, especially at a benefit. You didn't even send them a check.
Cordelia: What about my car!
Angelica: No, honey. They want money.

Angelica: Are you friendly?
Godfrey: One of the most friendly, madam.
Angelica: Oh, good.

Angelica: Do you hear that music?
Godfrey: Quite clearly, madam.
Angelica: You do? You're the only one who ever has.
Godfrey: Some of us are more sensitive than others.

[looking at hangover tonic]
Angelica: What's that?
Godfrey: Pixie remover.
Angelica: Oh, then you see them, too.
Godfrey: Oh, we're old friends.
Angelica: You mustn't step on them. I don't like them, but I don't like to see them stepped on.

Angelica: I do think it's important that people should know eachother's names. That is, of course, if they have pleasant names. I knew a woman once named Harry Rogers, you know. Used to depress me all day just to think about it. Oh! There, now, you see, I've thought about it and I'm all depressed, oh!

Mr. Bullock: Get rid of that animal.
Irene: Oh, no!
Angelica: Oh, yes! He doesn't even have the decency to let Vincent sing.
Mr. Bullock: Smart dog. He can stay.

Angelica: Sit down beside her, Godfrey, so she can look at you and touch you.

Mr. Bullock: It's bad enough when the government takes ninety percent of what I make, but when my family takes another forty percent...
Angelica: Well, I don't see why you want to give the government more than you give your own family.

Angelica: Now, we mustn't try to come between Irene and Godfrey. He's the only things she's shown any affection for since her spaniel died last summer.

Angelica: Play something, Vincent. The way they do to avoid a panic when the theater's on fire.

Angelica: You know, I think maybe that's why the Star Spangled Banner never became really popular. No one could ever remember the words.

Angelica: May I ask what you find amusing at this party?

Francesca: I did what any well-trained employer would do. I said, Godfrey, if you really feel that your wife and five children need you more than we do, good luck.
Angelica: *Five* children?
Francesca: It is five, isn't it?
Godfrey: Somewhere about that, madam.

Angelica: I think it's terrible the way some men treat their families. There's a story in here about a man who drowned his wife in the bathtub.
Mr. Bullock: Maybe it was the only way he could get her to take a bath.

Angelica: Must a man be drunk just because he pays us a compliment?

Angelica: You and Cordelia seem to think just because I've only been married once, I don't know anything about life.

[there is a loud crash in the hallway]
Angelica: Oh, dear.
Mr. Bullock: What's that?
Angelica: Oh, I hope it wasn't the big yellow vase with the fauns frolicking on it.
Godfrey: No, madam, that was the green one with the cupids capering on it.
Angelica: Oh.
Mr. Bullock: Thank you, Godfrey.
Godfrey: One does what one can, sir.

Angelica: If you're going to be rude to my daughter, you might at *least* remove that cigar from your mouth.

Angelica: No need to suspect Molly. She's been with us forever.
Molly: No, ma'am. It just seems that way sometimes.

[the police stop by]
Angelica: Maybe they have news of Vincent.
Mr. Bullock: If they have, so help me, I'll never pay another cent of taxes.

My Man Godfrey (1936)
Alexander Bullock: We've got to come to an understanding right now: either Carlo is or I am.
Angelica Bullock: Am what?
Alexander Bullock: Well, one of us has got to and that's all there is to it.

Angelica Bullock: If you're going to be rude to my daughter, you might as well at least take your hat off!

Angelica Bullock: What happened, what did you say to Carlo?
Alexander Bullock: I said goodbye.
Angelica Bullock: Did he go?
Alexander Bullock: Yes he left very hurriedly through the side window

Angelica Bullock: You mustn't come between Irene and Godfrey. He's the first thing she's shown any affection for since her pomeranian died last summer.

Angelica Bullock: My ancestors came over on the boat. Oh, not the Mayflower, but the boat after that. What did your ancestors come over on, Godfrey?
Godfrey: As far as I know, they've always been here.
Angelica Bullock: They weren't Indians, I hope.
Godfrey: One can never be sure of one's ancestors.
Angelica Bullock: You know, you have rather high cheek bones...

Angelica Bullock: Oh, Alexander, you missed all the excitement.
Alexander Bullock: What's going on?
Angelica Bullock: Oh, let me see. I knew what it was I wanted to say, but somehow it slipped my mind.
Alexander Bullock: What's the matter with Irene?
Angelica Bullock: Oh, yes, that's it. Irene's got herself engaged!
Alexander Bullock: To whom?
Angelica Bullock: Oh, I don't know, Van something-or-other. I think he's the boy with his arm around that girl in pink. He's got lots of money.
Alexander Bullock: Well, he'll need it.

Godfrey: That's most of your stock. I knew it had been dumped on the market, so I sold short.
Angelica Bullock: I don't understand. You sold short. You mean gentlemen's underwear?

Irene: Godfrey's gonna be our butler.
Angelica Bullock: He's gonna be who's butler?
Irene: He's gonna work for us.
Angelica Bullock: Oh, that's ridiculous. You don't know anything about him. He hasn't any recommendations...
Irene: Well, the last one had recommendations and stole all the silver.
Angelica Bullock: Well, that was merely a coincidence.
Godfrey: People who take in stray cats say they make the best pets, madam.
Angelica Bullock: I don't see what cats have got to do with butlers.