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Quotes for
Jerry Kingsley (Character)
from Middle of the Night (1959)

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Middle of the Night (1959)
Jerry Kingsley: Listen, sonny boy. Love, no matter how shabby it may seem, is still a beautiful thing. Everything else is nothing.

Jerry Kingsley: [Talking to Betty] There's an old European saying: I'm an old man, and I've had many troubles. And most of them never happened.

Jerry Kingsley: [Talking to Betty] I can't tell you how often recently I've found myself thinking about dying. "Dying" to you is something that happens to old relatives, but it's a very intimate business to me. I don't expect you to understand this, but in those moments when I'm suddenly impossible to live with, that's probably what's at the bottom of my bad temper.

Jerry Kingsley: [at 01:48:40] Get away from me.
Betty Preisser: [01:48:43] I love you, Jerry. I need you. I don't know what to do without you.
Jerry Kingsley: [at 01:48:45] That's a lousy kind of love.
Betty Preisser: [at 01:48:47] Well, it's the only kind of love I know. I'd be a good wife to you, Jerry. I promise you that.
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