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Quotes for
Burton Stanton (Character)
from Children of the Corn (1984)

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Children of the Corn (1984)
Burt Robeson: I spy, with my lttle eye, something that starts with C.
Vicky: Corn.

Burt: Any religion without love and compassion is false! It's a lie!

Burt: What's going on here?
Richard 'Amos' Deigan: My passage. It is my birthday.
Burt: You've got a pretty sick way of celebrating, pal!

[last lines]
Burt: She's out cold. What are going to do now?
Vicky: Send her a get well card from Seattle. Let's get the hell out of here!

Vicky: Is he...
Burt: Oh, yeah.

Vicky: What are you going to do when you catch them?
Burt: Ask them for directions, what else?

Burt: [about the Bible] What, did you rewrite the whole thing, or just the parts that don't suit your needs?

Job: Is it dead?
Burt Robeson: I think so.
Job: Then why are we still running?

Burt: Don't ever show up in my emergency room, buddy!

Burt: Hi, we've had an -
[gets cut off]
Diehl: I ain't got no gas.
Burt: No, I don't need gas.
Diehl: Ain't got no diesel fuel neither.
Burt: No, you -
[cut off again]
Diehl: Don't buy no gas you can't use no restroom.
Burt: Your telephone.
Diehl: Telephone! I ain't got no telephone.
Diehl: [dog barks] Sarge! You be still now.
Diehl: [sees blood on car] Mister, what you wanna do is to go to Hemmingford. It's about 19 miles down that right fork there.
Burt: What about Gatlin?
Diehl: Gatlin! There ain't nothin' in Gatlin.
Burt: What do you mean there ain't nothin' in Gatlin?
Diehl: Well, folks in Gatlin's got a religion. They don't like outsiders, and they probably don't have a phone there either.
Diehl: [dog barks again] Sarge! I said AT EASE!
Diehl: Mister, I'd love to sit here and shoot the breeze with you about politics and stuff, but I got a transmission to fix. Now you get on the right fork there and you'll be in Hemmingford in no time.
Burt: OK.
[walks back to car]
Burt: Yeah thanks alot.
Burt: [sitting in car, to Vicki] Either that man's senile, or he's been out in the sun too long.

Job: Don't worry, Mister. You'll be safe here. Isaac and Malachai don't know about this place.
Burt Robeson: Enough! Who are Isaac and Malachai?
Job: Isaac started the whole thing. He's a boy preacher who came to this town three years ago. At nine-years-old back then, he had a charming way that appealed to all the kids and teens like us to follow him with his own teachings of the bible and of the Old Testiment. But me and Sarah thought he was just plain weird.