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Quotes for
Slash (Character)
from "ReBoot" (1994)

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"ReBoot: The Tearing (#1.1)" (1994)
Megabyte: As usual, they'll all do so badly inside the game. How gratifying. I want three legions in the sector to watch for Bob. He'll try to get in.
[Hack and Slash talk over each other as is their wont]
Hack: Oh, your evil eminence!
Slash: Yep, you bet!
Hack: Yes, yes sir!
Slash: Yes, sir, your Megabytedness.
Hack: Oh, we bow before thee.
Slash: So beautiful. We're not worthy.
Megabyte: Sorry, Bob. You can't play any games until you finish your work for me.

Hack: He's, eh, yeah, enveloped.
Slash: Eh, he's confined.
Hack: Confined?
Slash: He's...
Hack: He's... he's trapped!
Slash: Trapped!
Hack: He's trapped, yeah!
Slash: Yeah, he's trapped.
Bob: I don't think so.
[Bob zips aside, the vehicles pass and Hack and Slash smash into each other, breaking into pieces]
Hack: I *hate* when this happens.
Slash: I do too.
Hack: It's like a reckoning.
Slash: Yeah, it's like...
Hack: It's *your* fault...
Slash: Yeah, but...
Hack: and I hate it.
Slash: My *arm*! Where's my *arm*!
Hack: [Slash's arm lands on Hack's head] Ow!
Bob: Sorry guys. End program. Better luck next cycle.

[first lines]
Hack, Slash: There he is!
Slash: Yeah...
Hack: What?
Slash: There you...
Hack: I...
Slash: We allow who finds him say...
Hack: *I* said...
Hack, Slash: ..."There he is."
Slash: No, no, no.
Hack: Who told you what - aaa...
Slash: It's me. *I* found him!
Hack: ...aaaohh, look out! Slow!
Slash: He's getting away!
Hack: Okay.
Slash: Ohhh... Hey! Hey!
Hack: Chaaaaarge!
Slash: Woah. Aaaaaaah!
Bob: Low clock speed or what?

"ReBoot: Racing the Clock (#1.2)" (1994)
[last lines]
Megabyte: [to Enzo via Vid-Window] I've found someone else to deliver my packages.
[Megabyte closes the Vid-Window. Hack and Slash arrive carrying... ]
Slash (with Hack's voice): Hexadecimal said...
Hack (with Slash's voice): Yeah Hexadecimal...
Slash (with Hack's voice): She said...
Slash (with Hack's voice), Hack (with Slash's voice): She said she already had...
Hack (with Slash's voice): one.
[... an enormous bomb!]
Slash (with Hack's voice): She said she already had one.
Hack (with Slash's voice): Yes.
Slash (with Hack's voice): I said that.
Hack (with Slash's voice): I know.
[the bomb explodes, blowing the lid off of Silicon Tor]
Megabyte: Haack! *Slaash*!
Slash (with Hack's voice): Uh oh.
Hack (with Slash's voice): I think he means us.
[the lid of Silicon Tor falls back into place]

ReBoot: Daemon Rising (2001) (TV)
Slash: [after an infected Mouse shreds him with her sword] That's me all over.