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Quotes for
Phong (Character)
from "ReBoot" (1994)

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"ReBoot: Identity Crisis: Part 2 (#1.13)" (1995)
Phong: What you are experiencing is a temporary distortion of reality.

Phong: Chance has nothing to do with it, child. The future is not determined by a throw of the dice. It is determined by the conscious decisions of you and me.

ReBoot: Daemon Rising (2001) (TV)
Phong: What do you make of this?
[hands Bob an ink blot on a card]
Bob: Well, it's Dot with that haircut she had... when we first met... and she's smiling.
[Hands the card back to Phong who looks at it]
Phong: Oh, yes I see it.

Phong: How is Enzo taking your transformation?
Welman Matrix: Well...
Enzo Matrix: Hey, Phong, Dad's a null monster now! It's sooo cool! He can change shape and things! Hey, there's Frisket!
Welman Matrix: Quite well, actually.