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"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Palestine, October 1917 (#2.21)" (1993)
Schiller: Eat lead, Schwein!

Schiller: [to Rashid] Tell the Colonel what you told me.
Indiana Jones: Damn it, keep your mouth shut!
Schiller: [turns to Indy] It's too late, spy! You're little charade is now truly exposed
[slaps Rashid across the face]

Schiller: There's the truth of it, Colonel. The ploy behind the ploy. You are under attack by a skilfull illusion. A few artillery pieces lobbing shells, men on horses kicking up dust. A trick!
[stabs Indy's knife into the colonel's desk with force]

Schiller: Have you gone mad?
Colonel Ismel Bey: An old proverb came to mind: A skillful liar will tell his enemy the truth, then convince him it's a lie.
Schiller: What are you babbling about...?
[Bey throws him against the wall and "stabs" him with Indy's knife, revealing it's a fake]
Colonel Ismel Bey: Your little "illusion" has come to Beersheeba, fifty thousand strong... idiot.
Colonel Ismel Bey: Blow up the wells!