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Angela Latimer (Character)
from "Don't Wait Up" (1983)

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"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.7" (1983)
Dr. Toby Latimer: Well, yes, five, quarter to five, what's the difference?
Angela Latimer: About an hour and a half, it's now quarter past six-ish.

Angela Latimer: Oh, darling, a dozen red roses. How sweet of you.
Dr. Toby Latimer: Actually, there are only ten. Even the florist is gone metric.

Dr. Toby Latimer: You know, I feel I've been through a long tunnel. As though the last three months I've been living in a void.
Angela Latimer: Tom's flat isn't that bad.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.3" (1983)
Dr. Toby Latimer: Let's face it Toby, you've always had an eye for pretty girls.
Angela Latimer: Well, an eye, yes. Just because one's on a diet, it doesn't mean to say one can't look at the menu.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #2.6" (1984)
Angela Latimer: He doesn't want me, he only wants his bloody knighthood!